300KG/660LB SQUATS Heavy Leg Session

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Team Beast

hype beast
hype beast 3 päeva tagasi
Ed you should do a video of your diet leading to the fight I think everyone would enjoy that.
Nikola Ratkovic
Nikola Ratkovic 20 päeva tagasi
DinosaurDemon5 Mst
DinosaurDemon5 Mst 27 päeva tagasi
What a lad
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Місяць tagasi
"Didn't spill a drop" you knew I was waiting 👀...
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Місяць tagasi
That's a 660 lb box squat. Eddie's squat is probably closer to 700-720
names brod wheat brod
names brod wheat brod Місяць tagasi
Thor:I am the strongest man alive and have the title of the heaviest deadlift Eddie:and who did it first?
Runn__Jake Місяць tagasi
What you think you're coming to watch: Eddie Hall crank out a tough workout What you actually watch: 1:45
ntroll 80
ntroll 80 Місяць tagasi
I use to use my protein but Eddie get your self bulk powder deal 30 grams of protein and isn't soya based like most of the cheap my protein products ( and of course there lactose free options too but I recommend bulk powder Over my protein any day)
Kyle Flood
Kyle Flood Місяць tagasi
When are you fighting that guy
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes Місяць tagasi
Gotta say after seeing Halfthor's first match I think you take it.
Rawkus919 Місяць tagasi
Insta Influences " This is how I get big" Eddie, " Hold my shake"
Irfaan Fakir
Irfaan Fakir Місяць tagasi
8:27 That's an interesting glute exercise.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Місяць tagasi
You must return you hand to the side of your head after punching. Thor has a much longer reach and its difficult to work your way into someone with a massive reach advantage. You will get caught. Protect yourself at all times and remember the art of boxing is to not get hit. I think you can beat thor Mr Hall. Keep up the good work and keep those hands up. I know your only training but get into the habit.
Craig Anderson-Jones
Craig Anderson-Jones Місяць tagasi
Looking at that boxing at the begining, I can see a lot of swinging from the shoulders instead of using the hips to get power. Definitely think Eddie will take the win against Thor, though. If you want a knockout though - hips for power. Wide swings leave you vulnerable and easy to counter.
Ethan Ackerman
Ethan Ackerman Місяць tagasi
What smelling salts do you use
K2 Aqua
K2 Aqua Місяць tagasi
Why box squat? And not regular squats?
roco Місяць tagasi
Intro song?
Ryan Ph358
Ryan Ph358 Місяць tagasi
Why does it feel like I can smell it every time he farts😂😂😂
aryan _
aryan _ Місяць tagasi
Not to sound like a know it all prick, but from wat I heard , ur doing the ab rollouts wrong
Jason Snowball
Jason Snowball Місяць tagasi
Some of the best farts ever "aired" on EEpost
Luke Місяць tagasi
Got a ''all day protein'' and it has 32g
Darren Gibbs
Darren Gibbs Місяць tagasi
You should definitely arrange a sparring session against Tyson Fury .... to understand and feel the power of a professional boxer!
garth tree
garth tree Місяць tagasi
in the end credits at 16.15 is that fart squeezing out ha ha.that protein powders a gym clearer!
Mike Gilroy
Mike Gilroy Місяць tagasi
I wish I could ever get close to he’s size abut that could never happen but your doing awesome
Sammy Meeks
Sammy Meeks Місяць tagasi
He looks like a Goron
Vexify__ 1
Vexify__ 1 Місяць tagasi
8:28 good lord 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Callum Casselden
Callum Casselden Місяць tagasi
Looking shredded Ed huss huss
Dr DeadBench
Dr DeadBench Місяць tagasi
Remember eddie, precision beats power, and timing beats speed. I want u to knock out thor for his ridiculous cheating accusations. When watching ur punching and movement in the intro, I believe u cud become way faster and more agile! Best of luck, big up the beast, one of my strength heros.
Poppapump Bernardi
Poppapump Bernardi Місяць tagasi
Eddie should focus on cardio for boxing.Benching will hurt his hand speed.
jamesnm21 Місяць tagasi
The PROTEIN powder you mentioned has SUCRALOSE in it which is now linked to DIABETES and CROHNS DISEASE, which can kill you. Artificial sweeteners of any kind should be AVOIDED. It's crazy to me that people are afraid of a few calories of sugar yet are willing to risk serious health problems on fake sweeteners instead.
jonathan collado
jonathan collado Місяць tagasi
Bro he looking great out there keep that fucking energy beast🔥😱💪
3.34M Місяць tagasi
Eddie Hall and Chris Heria ooouuu !!!
RAXI Місяць tagasi
Dont forget eddie that i whant you to be big
Owam Sage Hoyi
Owam Sage Hoyi Місяць tagasi
0:20 Jesus Bro how many scoops of that stuff do you use😂? Must be more dehydrated than last time. (very very very dehydrated)
Anthony Ferguson
Anthony Ferguson Місяць tagasi
Hundreds and thousands have moved on these days 🤣
Mosie Romano
Mosie Romano Місяць tagasi
The stormy throne fittingly grip because act coronally mine barring a messy decade. incandescent, possessive porcupine
오태식 Місяць tagasi
08:28 업계포상이다. 당장햇반가져와
Toga Malolo
Toga Malolo Місяць tagasi
eddie can you include your rest periods lol
kingdaleclarke Місяць tagasi
Eddie you look like crap mate
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Alexander Місяць tagasi
PLEASE keep your hands up more mate and relax more when you punch! Just my observations and I want you to WIN!🙂👍🏾
Squats Guts and Glory
Squats Guts and Glory Місяць tagasi
That’s a good looking squat!
Eric Bressman
Eric Bressman Місяць tagasi
Eddie looked up so fast like shit everyone saw me shat myself
Cameron Redfern
Cameron Redfern Місяць tagasi
I'm a huge fan of yours Eddie! Watched you since your wsm debut. I'm just worried than if you keep doing the weights, will you have too much muscle mass for the boxing match with Thor? I know you will have stupid power but I worry about your ring stamina. Keep up the good work and videos matey 😊
trappz _io
trappz _io Місяць tagasi
15:58 stay frosty ya dig
It should be illegal for Eddie to know how to fight
The Angry Slav
The Angry Slav Місяць tagasi
Eddie has Bigorexia
piratas Місяць tagasi
intro song?
mark pape
mark pape Місяць tagasi
Have you ever seen those arcade machine's that are a exercutioner chair's the electric shock one's try getting one it help with grip strength, for stoltman.
thisistakingthemess Місяць tagasi
I go to alot of factories and warehouses around the UK to do repairs, I remember 2/3yrs ago walking into the reception of a building and as soon as I walked through the doors someone in the corner of my took my attention. I turned my head and was instantly took back by the size of this guy then I instantly recognised it was eddie hall! In my shocked state I managed to mumble "hello mate", then 2 seconds later I realized it was a life sized cardboard cut out of him 🤦‍♂️
miz528 Місяць tagasi
トレーニング我流 Місяць tagasi
PeterEater Місяць tagasi
Eddie it feels like you're keen to get back into competing after your boxing match! Right on! What would you recommend for amount of sets/reps on the activation exercises - Step ups and good mornings - for a workout like that?
MCALAX Місяць tagasi
“Go to the gym when you’re injured” Yeeeah, that’s the advice from a man who, let’s be honest, wont live that long into old age due to the strain placed on his body caused by his training regime. He can’t even squat properly. Think on.
I can’t stand SBMM
I can’t stand SBMM Місяць tagasi
Coming from someone that’s boxed, Eddie need to drop his weight. Even for training. This fight with Thor will come up a lot quicker than he thinks and by the time he actually gets down a bit in weight his body will have to get used to how “it moves” and it could easily throw him off. I really don’t understand the obsession to stay heavy and this storing while training for a fight. Obviously keeping some straight is needed but I think Eddie’s gonna be alright in that aspect no matter what he does. That extra fat and muscle is going to cause a lot of problems in the actual fight if he keeps it all. That and the lack of actual sparring. It may not work out so well.
michael mullins
michael mullins Місяць tagasi
I was so excited. He said 220 on the bench. I just hit 220, then I realized, he meant KG. He's definitely a beast, still yet.
Mitchel Cool
Mitchel Cool Місяць tagasi
Why don’t you have the block thing further in so if you fail you won’t ever miss the catchers and go oh my neck
Mitchel Cool
Mitchel Cool Місяць tagasi
Oh good you changed your intro? It seemed like you were trying too hard. To intimidate
2TWENTY4FOUR - KT Місяць tagasi
Well done on getting on the esports boxing club roaster!! Can wait to beat the sh*t outa people with you! HAAAA
ThePaladin5084 Місяць tagasi
8:28 I spat out my drink and my soul laughing
40 Year Old Virgil
40 Year Old Virgil Місяць tagasi
Same 😂😂😭😭
vj and vjs veriyan
vj and vjs veriyan Місяць tagasi
Eddie the beast India fans
Devyn Wiesner
Devyn Wiesner Місяць tagasi
i hope hannah evacuated after that fart
Barnyard Racing
Barnyard Racing Місяць tagasi
I stopped watching Eddie hall videos because of how he slurps his drinks.
Edward Reid
Edward Reid Місяць tagasi
It’s a pisstake, he does it on purpose
D Stembridge
D Stembridge Місяць tagasi
You absolute beast you should do one of those arcade punchbags in your next videos! World record scores I reckon
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Місяць tagasi
I have request for u to create a video with brain, if you make it happen it would alot new experience and the stuff that I'm requesting is sky diving. Well i don't know if u read EEpost comments or not .
Michael Citarelli
Michael Citarelli Місяць tagasi
P 09
P 09 Місяць tagasi
Can u make a video talking about steroid use plse, (past and present use, whether you’ll need to be clean for the match and how you will get clean, how often u used to take them). Feel it would give a good insight
Phill Wyatt Outdoors
Phill Wyatt Outdoors Місяць tagasi
I'm here for the farts 💨 absolutely hilarious 🤣😂😆👍👀
Tim Henner
Tim Henner Місяць tagasi
your code is totally amazing 42% off on the protein powder? never seen that much discout before! thanks man!!
jamesnm21 Місяць tagasi
It has sucralose in it like many other powders. Recent studies have linked it to diabetes and crohns disease which killed someone i knew. Sucralose is touted as safe compared to aspartame but not anymore. Don't risk your health and well-being on artificial sweeteners. Plain whey powder with nothing added is readily available from bulk suppliers for cheap or you can try to find one without fake sweeteners.
olle persson
olle persson Місяць tagasi
300kg? Man I thought you did more
FACELESSpsycho Місяць tagasi
I used to really dislike you but then I actually started watching you and I think the first video I ever watched on your EEpost I fell in love you seem to be a damn good person and the light in your eyes and that lough makes me remember how awesome being alive is.
ape ish ish
ape ish ish Місяць tagasi
BOXING GAME : Hi Eddie , I see you are the new boxing game esports boxing club. Can you say anything about it and did you see gameplay ? ( or played )The poster in the gym and you charachter are incredible !
Jon Місяць tagasi
MyProtein EAA recommended dose x3 scoops! Eddie dose x6 and counting 🤨🏋️💪💪💪💪💪
daniel kendall
daniel kendall Місяць tagasi
I wonder if Eddie knew about Thor’s match this month and is he bothered he’s “fighting” Patty first.
Danny Iqbal
Danny Iqbal Місяць tagasi
Just a BEAST 🤜🏽🤜🏽
zekalu_zulu Місяць tagasi
His fart might contain more protein than my daily intake.
Old - Skool
Old - Skool Місяць tagasi
Dropping ya guts 😂 did you do that in the public gyms?... So funny😮
SJ Cadman
SJ Cadman Місяць tagasi
What was that lever belt 👀?
HalfNoob Місяць tagasi
turnout to be 110kg which is not heavy bruv i can't lift this with any type of exercise i can't wait for gyms to open again
Cardi B
Cardi B Місяць tagasi
Eddie hall to fight for a world title by 2025
NewKindOfViking Місяць tagasi
I think 42% is a huge deal, Ed. Cheers. Even works on the danish website. It's cool as hell. You're THÉ man.
KazeNino Місяць tagasi
I hope Ed slows down slightly with the weight training and puts more time into the boxing. Good technique and ok power will beat bad technique and great power every day.
Lwsern Місяць tagasi
now watch clarance kennedy squat 306kg raw ;)
yousuf dubai
yousuf dubai Місяць tagasi
We are alive so 2020 was not bad
Max Van der Stricht
Max Van der Stricht Місяць tagasi
I would've checked my underpants after that one
Joseph Waukechon
Joseph Waukechon Місяць tagasi
Love you Eddie, you inspired me to lose weight and hit the gym in 2021. Any plans to box a couple of dudes around Thor's height for practice? Would love to see some practice bouts before the fight! Much love from Austin, Texas!
Bob Z
Bob Z Місяць tagasi
Losing power and looking heavy training partner looks worse. Maybe they are overtraining
늑멸유튜브 Місяць tagasi
I like eddie.he is strong and handsome
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Місяць tagasi
Love Eddie
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Місяць tagasi
RUOK TikTok Місяць tagasi
please ditranlet to Indonesian
Glmdrr Glmdrr
Glmdrr Glmdrr Місяць tagasi
I can’t wait for this fight. I want Thor to get beat up.
super anime
super anime Місяць tagasi
If This match happens they will be biggest and strongest to do it
DIGITAL STEEL Місяць tagasi
When Eddie fights Thor if he doesn't do the Goku jumping warm up when Goku fought Broly... I think the weebs among us would be disappointed🤣🤣🤣
hunter 135
hunter 135 Місяць tagasi
U need to reclaim the deadlift wr
Are u a Viking?
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph Місяць tagasi
I think as long as Eddie goes into that match without any injuries, then he will beat Thor...
Patriots Will Survive
Patriots Will Survive Місяць tagasi
8:32 wasn't me
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Місяць tagasi
Hearing his voice alone tripled my cholesterol levels.
Mitch Місяць tagasi
Meanwhile.. Clarence Kennedy repping these at 105kg lol
YEAH BUDDY’S BBQ Місяць tagasi
You have a link to buy that belt you’re using?
M. W.
M. W. Місяць tagasi
Eddie: heavy leg day *Trains biceps* "yOu HAVe tO ShOcK thA MuScLe!"
I Want Lee
I Want Lee Місяць tagasi
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