Boxing accuracy training at 160kg bodyweight | Thor Vs Beast

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall
Eddie 'The Beast' Hall 2 місяці tagasi
Hey guys just getting chance to read the comments... see a lot about paddy’s well-being and my attitude.. I take criticism well and il try and lay off paddy a bit more for you guys, it’s hard to control my punches il admit and we’re both so determined as a team to win we egg eachother on.. paddy loves it 🤷‍♂️ Paddy is my best friend and yes he is paid well and gets a bonus when I win. But it ain’t about the money... He’d do anything for me and I’d do anything for him. Taking a beating for a pal is nothing in Stoke on Trent so why stop now?! #ThorsF***ed Big love to paddy 💪
Péter Balogh
Péter Balogh Місяць tagasi
As your trainer said, being punched and avoiding punches. This is what Paddy could do for you, if he is not scared for his life for a very good reason. Tell him to punch more, but the award should not be a killer shot if he does that...
Wayne Bingham
Wayne Bingham Місяць tagasi
Eddie after watching this and thors fight your way faster more accurate and look to have more power in your shots
Andrew Chi Osbourne
Andrew Chi Osbourne Місяць tagasi
Eddie my brother,I’ve done boxing myself and I know what it’s like to be criticised.Things like skill,technique and power don’t come over night,it takes time,experience,learning how to take blows and progression,but what I’ve seen of your training videos compared to thors,my money is on you all the way Eddie 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
Aaron Curtin
Aaron Curtin Місяць tagasi
Look at the way some of the Thais train. They have fun with sparring, that's what you need to do. Sparring is imitating fighting, not hurting your partner.
D0wN F411
D0wN F411 Місяць tagasi
Keep up the good work Eddie! Rooting for you dude.
burenvon 2 tundi tagasi
Thor will knock this man down. Good luck Eddie but your ego will let you down.
Dually 1013
Dually 1013 4 päeva tagasi
You watch Thor’s speed and technique and compare it to this video THE BEAST IS GONNA PROVE WHY HES CALLED THE BEAST
Elis 93
Elis 93 15 päeva tagasi
This is what id call button bashing on a console.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 16 päeva tagasi
Seemed to hit paddy in the face a lot for "accuracy" training
saurabh chhonker
saurabh chhonker 19 päeva tagasi
I would really like to see you box in a professional match Eddy👍👍
Dominik Lehocký
Dominik Lehocký 20 päeva tagasi
what the hell is this
JinglesDoFine 20 päeva tagasi
Isn't that guard a bit open for a fight?
Jake Sheedy
Jake Sheedy 25 päeva tagasi
Thor is fucked, You got this big man
Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon 27 päeva tagasi
This and the latest 'sparring' video has made me un sub
Shaun Tidwell
Shaun Tidwell Місяць tagasi
Eddie needs to use Jack Dempsey style of boxing against Thor.
Jay Hodson
Jay Hodson Місяць tagasi
Work ethic is unreal it’s leaps and bounds ahead of Thor’s videos too
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Місяць tagasi
It's clear Paddy loves helping Eddie. He gets in the ring every day with him because he WANTS to. Not because he needs to. He's also paid to do it. He could quit. He could leave. He chooses not too. Eddie got caught up in the moment, but Paddy also put his hands up and kept going. He could've ducked out of the ring. He didn't.
Dope Drood
Dope Drood Місяць tagasi
Ah man this is rough I see what people are saying. Told his buddy "No body shots" after hurting him with a body shot, and then does a body shot. Add in that Eddie pays his friend to do this and it does seem like a potential toxic situation.
X4N4X X Місяць tagasi
So many months has passed and you’re still throwing punches from your pockets.
Moe Central
Moe Central Місяць tagasi
Bruh I’m a boxer... and his coach is fuckin pitiful. Teachin him completely wrong. Tip to all you upcoming boxers !!! Find a good coach. Cause y’all finna look dumb as shit if you don’t
dang guys, lay off the hate, paddys got this
Prime Time
Prime Time Місяць tagasi
Wtf hahaha
MJ Coom
MJ Coom Місяць tagasi
What the fuck is this, seriously? Was routing for Eddie but this is just fucking bullying and that trainer is just as much to blame for allowing this! Eddie needs a proper boxing trainer or his head is gonna get knocked off
Steven Criscione
Steven Criscione Місяць tagasi
"Aim higher" stop boxing with people that are shorter than you or your height
Steven Criscione
Steven Criscione Місяць tagasi
You need to fight somebody Thor's height otherwise you will never learn because Thor is fighting people your height and he is obliterating them! I want you to win!
Alan Caffrey
Alan Caffrey Місяць tagasi
Looking forward ta seeing u knock that sore loser out 😁 he is a very good actor cause I thought he was man before WSM 2017 but his really a selfish sack & not shaking your hand on the podium 😠
alexs aquariums
alexs aquariums Місяць tagasi
He's not very good witch is fair enough because he's new to it. But if he caught you he would wipe you out .
Dragon Rai
Dragon Rai Місяць tagasi
Hope your defense is as good as ur attack. Thor gt the range so hope u got counter measures for tht
cameron pearson
cameron pearson Місяць tagasi
Eddie you need someone who will tell you what your doing right and what your doing wrong, now obviously i dont see the training behind the scenes but you need someone to sharpen you up and work on your technique and how your going to find your style and create a game plan. You need to do drills on technique and get a sparring partner that will punish you for your mistakes and you will learn from him, not everything is about doing boxing as a conditioning excersise you need to learn the sweet science
j5menergy Місяць tagasi
By this time I’m surprised you’re not training with an actual heavyweight boxer, no disrespect to Paddy. You’ve got to that real to life in there...
South London
South London Місяць tagasi
I love Eddie, but he's missing basics from boxing, he needs a good boxing partner to give him a feal what is really like in a boxing ring
graham norman
graham norman Місяць tagasi
Just seen Thor’s fight ! Ha ha, he won’t stand a chance against your speed, try and adopt Tysons style, it would suit you Great video
Istrate Strong
Istrate Strong Місяць tagasi
Who's here after Thor's fight
3X73RM Місяць tagasi
This is what I imagine the Pokémon Blastoise would look like boxing :P Looking real strong though, and hella fast! You’re gonna slay Thor in the ring, mate :D
The Yorkshire Crafter
The Yorkshire Crafter Місяць tagasi
Eddie get martin ford in for sparring
DJ_Pancake33 Місяць tagasi
Do this crap on the bag. So disrespectful.
Jesse Cutress
Jesse Cutress Місяць tagasi
Considering your arms probs are about 30kg each haha. Having ya hands up constantly would tire u out real quick. Just seen thors boxing fight. You'll see his shots coming from a mile away.
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet Місяць tagasi
This is the worst EEpost channel ever. I mean honestly no one is going to care about your heart rate when Thor is destroying you. You are not even sparring you are hitting your “friend” like a punching bag even when he is throwing up. At least Thor is actually sparring like a real fighter would. Your ego is the biggest and that is what this channel is. Your ego is bigger than your stomach. You are training very wrong you are punching someone without a live reaction from that person. Thor is going to destroy you in the fight and I will be happy to see it, after all this boasting you have done.
Bubba Gump86
Bubba Gump86 Місяць tagasi
I just watched thors exhibition match. Eddie your going to obliterate thor! I wouldn’t take a million dollars to get in that ring with you thor better forfit or he’s fucked!
Torpor Vasflam
Torpor Vasflam Місяць tagasi
No gym would accept your disrespect of a training partner because it doesn't help either of you grow. Your coach not scolding you means you have a Yes Man.
Jason Shawaga
Jason Shawaga Місяць tagasi
This isnt a sparring session. Its meant to try and scare thor. I know i wouldnt put anyone thats a friend in that position. Get a fucking heavy bag if you dont have one, and use that. You know, like actual boxers
Rick Hermans
Rick Hermans Місяць tagasi
If i see this boxing compared to thors, the beats will slay thor..
Rick Hermans
Rick Hermans Місяць tagasi
Dayum eddie HArdhitterLL
ONE Місяць tagasi
I feel like maybe eddie should work on his defense. Cuz he keeps his hands down a lot and when thor hits hes gotta have them up or else he might get hurt bad
Hunting, Shooting and Tom
Hunting, Shooting and Tom Місяць tagasi
Need to get them hands up man. Learn when to unload cardio is there. Need some proper boxers show. You how to set traps so you can unload.
Alex Constantin
Alex Constantin Місяць tagasi
Rob Kirby
Rob Kirby Місяць tagasi
Its very easy to pick a guy apart on screen. 90 percent of the people here wouldn't dare post themselves hitting pads 🤣..... and you have to be careful what is shown here like eddie said, some of the flaws may be a bit of head games. Eddie will continue to get better and I commend them on taking the leap and trying something new. This sport is for gladiators! Well done eddie.
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell Місяць tagasi
Eddie Get the Gypsy king in
Syeda Islam
Syeda Islam Місяць tagasi
10:23 look at how hot he is there is steam comin from his body
DAN Dan Місяць tagasi
Do you actually do any sparring with punches coming back with a heavyweight boxer ?
Denny Price
Denny Price Місяць tagasi
When are going to see real sparring with real boxers ?
adw4891 Місяць tagasi
Eddie, calm down on the “sparring,” pal. No one is gonna hold pads for you if you’re just being a prìck bully. You’re not doing the right training. Hit the heavy bag.
Nick Fordham
Nick Fordham Місяць tagasi
Just came over from watching a thor livestream hes in a boxing match... you already look alot more controlled in your punches he still looks like hes swinging wild leaving a ton of openings
Nick Fordham
Nick Fordham Місяць tagasi
@Don if I were a bettin man it'd be on Mr Hall here thats for sure lmao
Don Місяць tagasi
Nick Fordham yeahhhh Eddie’s going to knock him out first round. Way quicker, and Thor cant keep his hands up after a punch. All Eddie has to do is counter lol
Jeff Місяць tagasi
180 bpm? I felt my heart explode!
Drew Hills
Drew Hills Місяць tagasi
Just watched Thor box, useless. Eddie will knock him all over the shop, can't wait.
Martyn Winter
Martyn Winter Місяць tagasi
Don't drop your hands when your coming back from a punch Eddie... you wide open, your hards should come back to where they started guard position, big lads lads like you only need one punch to take out or been taken out...
Stevan Botha
Stevan Botha Місяць tagasi
Good Day Eddie just watched a video of THOR doing some boxing and it was hilarious. Cant whait to see how you are going to smash his face. your training looks amazing and your shape as well. keep up the good work and good luck.
Anonymous Місяць tagasi
Eddie is literally steaming at 9:30 hahaha
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies Місяць tagasi
I think you need to give the training partner a BEAST truck too. Both legends!!!!
bebe Місяць tagasi
10:22 he's literally steaming, never have i seen such manliness
masterwindu1234 Місяць tagasi
Nate Wallen
Nate Wallen Місяць tagasi
Did anyone realize that eddie is steaming like their is literally steam coming off his body
Straight White Male
Straight White Male Місяць tagasi
That's pretty normal. During winter time, my father always had it at the end of training sessions.
Florin Sandu
Florin Sandu Місяць tagasi
i observed that too, holy shit, never seen that much steam coming out of somebody
Eduardo Enrique
Eduardo Enrique Місяць tagasi
did i just see a 15 min video of basically bullying a dude? those punches must hurt a lot, especially from a guy as strong as eddie. you are messing up his organs with those punches to the body. think of the other person instead of your heart rate for a sec. Buy a dummy. you will get the same results as you do with a defenseless guy backed into a corner immobilized clinging on for dear life.
Jassman Dhanjal
Jassman Dhanjal Місяць tagasi
Sand bags around your wrists weighing around 2kg each .. will lighten your wrists actions, and strengthen them. keep them on your wrists all day long.
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis Місяць tagasi
Like your Chanel but Hughie Fury stopped you in your tracks with a Jab, lets see how good you are when someone evan level also has the Gumshield in.
HolyMith Місяць tagasi
People are continually giving Eddie shit for beating up on his (smaller) sparring partner and bad technique etc. I'm pretty sure he's just leaving out the important bits because he doesn't want Hafthor and his minions to spy his training.
Tmus Місяць tagasi
Still slow even tho the video is sped up lol joke
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Місяць tagasi
The big man is a faker
mohyim02 Місяць tagasi
Eddie needs to start sparring with a good boxer.
Lim 592
Lim 592 Місяць tagasi
I just want to say that at 9:38 he do be steaming
brooklyn mitrica
brooklyn mitrica Місяць tagasi
Eddie is looking great and explosive ageing paddy. But he’s basically laying into a living boxing bag and his coaches pads every session. Is he not practicing the fundamentals of boxing? U ain’t gonna win no fight with being able to punch hard. U got to learn to play defence, take punches, counter punches, clinch and also laying into someone. This is all learnt form hundreds of hours of sparring.Not punching pads and a standing still guy
E salazar
E salazar Місяць tagasi
Hands up!
yash ke vlogs total masti
yash ke vlogs total masti Місяць tagasi
You are the legend Reply please
Carson Wiley
Carson Wiley Місяць tagasi
Thor is screwed.
aleš Matoh
aleš Matoh Місяць tagasi
I wish one of the Stoltman brothers was his sparring partner. Then, we would see who would take and who wouldl give punches :P
Josh Pears
Josh Pears Місяць tagasi
Always loved your work Eddie in WSM and now in boxing. But a little sad at the lack of respect/power control with your sparing partners :( This one was a little hard to watch. Keep up the awesome work though.
Venom Snake
Venom Snake Місяць tagasi
Francis Ngannou hits the hardest punch💪🏿 but a dumb fighter🤣 with a good ❤️
Hasan fadzil
Hasan fadzil Місяць tagasi
Damnnnn. Eddie’s hands are faster then me going to the bathroom after a nice meal at chipotle!!!
BLACK IBEX Місяць tagasi
Thor's on Slow-Motion. He'll be knocked out in the first round.
Death To Normality
Death To Normality Місяць tagasi
Eddie im so worried that you're more focused on staying fit for strongman. This fight is gonna need a completely different type of training you are used to
Ryker Sharp
Ryker Sharp Місяць tagasi
I don’t know a lot about boxing, but it seems like you need to actually get punched. Thor is not 100% defense like it appears you are training for. Again I don’t know much about it so if I’m wrong please let me know why.
Simon Coveney
Simon Coveney Місяць tagasi
Anyone else noticed the steam comeing off Eddie I thought i saw the same thing when he lifted the 500kg dead lift just look carefully and see if you notice it 🤣👍
Isaac Rogers
Isaac Rogers Місяць tagasi
Normal boxing: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Eddie: "Float like a rhino, sting like a semi-truck."
bebe Місяць tagasi
"we are out here on the savanna once more to find some majestic life, oh look here comes a floating rhino, oh no! it's being attacked, by a swarm of aggresive african semi-trucks" - some calm-voiced documentary guy
Jordacai Місяць tagasi
Writehse Місяць tagasi
Gotta keep ur hands up
D0wN F411
D0wN F411 Місяць tagasi
Just watched Hafthor Bjornsson training. I think Eddie is taking this way more seriously. Beast FTW!
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul Місяць tagasi
The delusion in this guy thinking he can become a pro boxer and still can’t keep his damn hand up lol
LJT Місяць tagasi
Your comment is ridiculous
Alex Місяць tagasi
P K Місяць tagasi
@Dan-imation Shorts yup fury who has a boxing based family and has boxed his whole life? lmao
Dan-imation Shorts
Dan-imation Shorts Місяць tagasi
Have you ever heard of Tyson fury lol
Diego D\/P
Diego D\/P Місяць tagasi
Anyone else see how he is steaming... l Manzzz went haaam!!! You can see the steam leaving his body
Andres Perez
Andres Perez Місяць tagasi
Why is Eddies body steaming lol
Joshua Tootill
Joshua Tootill Місяць tagasi
Hall was like I only winded you get your hands back up😂 I would hate to be in a fight with him. Wait I would probs die
Llewellyn Groenewald
Llewellyn Groenewald Місяць tagasi
Look at the smoke coming off of Eddie.
The Disciples
The Disciples Місяць tagasi
Did anyone realize that Eddie was steaming ?
steve ford
steve ford Місяць tagasi
This coach needs banning, Shocking!!!!
MrBrotatoChip Місяць tagasi
I haven’t payed attention to any of the strong men for a couple months but I was watching Eddie when he first started training for boxing. GOOD JOB DUDE, also he has lost a lot of weights prepping for this 💪🏽
nobodyrobsourtrucks Місяць tagasi
Looking sharp ! You look like you’re in best shape I’ve ever seen ! You look lean if that’s even possible. Keep your cardio up. My prediction is you will have more stigma then Thor . He will weaken and that’s how you will win . It will go the distance be prepared with cardiovascular . Train a minute over each round . So naturally your body is prepared for what happens . Do you see 12:17 steam seeping from body?
imaknexus Місяць tagasi
Eddie focus on form and fight IQ (faints, conserving energy, accuracy) ... speed and power are by-products. Hope you beat the shit out of Thor loser
Juice Місяць tagasi
Lost respect after this vid, now i dont really care who wins the fight. Seems both Eddie and Thor are narcissistic pieces of shit so they both deserve to get knocked the fuck out
charles cunningham
charles cunningham Місяць tagasi
Training a heavyweight to fight with no guard is a recipe for disaster sorry. I love Eddie but he’s not Roy Jones Jr fgs. Trainers gotta be going through defensive drills and inside fighting as Eddie’s the smaller man
Ryan Paul
Ryan Paul Місяць tagasi
The only real issue I see here being an armchair coach is an almost complete failure to protect your own head. Your head is open a lot - generally when one arm is out punching the other should be protecting your head. Knock Thor out mate!
Marlon Alvin Jules Velez
Marlon Alvin Jules Velez Місяць tagasi
eddie hall looks like jack from tekken absolutely stunning
UAC Blasters!!!
UAC Blasters!!! Місяць tagasi
I remember my first fight and the boxing squared circle it felt like I sunk in mat four or five inches and then everything seemed like super slow motion. Or like I was in slow motion.
Nrivera86 Місяць tagasi
you looked really good in the lateral movement, a massive man that can move like you would make a very dangerous opponent to fight in the ring. you got this!
Lucas Hand
Lucas Hand Місяць tagasi
I would come in 12 kg’s lighter just for the cardios sake of doing it, you always gas a lot harder in the real thing than in training
Kadin Molock
Kadin Molock Місяць tagasi
Your friend is going to be one big callus.
The Shadow Sovereign
The Shadow Sovereign Місяць tagasi
7:06 - Lands a solid Punch on Patty. -Patty keels over gasping for air. EDDIE: 'Oh sorry buddy take a breath' LOL! No Ed, I think he should continue taking punches but I'm happy you gave him permission to take a breath. Such a nice Overload you are. :)
garrik quertermous
garrik quertermous Місяць tagasi
Eddie is an actual athlete, paddy knows what he's doing as he is also a grown man. You know neither of them is going to take it too far, come on now.
Judgementxxx Місяць tagasi
He needs to that kind of training on a heavy bag.
I Hit My Trainer Partner Too Hard.. *COUGHED UP BLOOD!*
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