Boxing Pad Work | Working above my Max HR!

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

9 päeva tagasi

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Big Love
Team Beast

ron nociar
ron nociar 3 tundi tagasi
I'm in Eddie's corner but the faster film speed REALLY ?
Gilbert 22 tundi tagasi
I may be late on this but Eddie as a killer over hand right
Mr Gringo
Mr Gringo Päev tagasi
The sped up footage 🙊
Mr Mawao
Mr Mawao 2 päeva tagasi
He will bury Hafthor
GamerWorks 2 päeva tagasi
guess the other sparing partner quit
Bob Cat
Bob Cat 2 päeva tagasi
Thor is in big trouble lol
J&C F 2 päeva tagasi
Fuck getting hit by the BEAST
Max Gover
Max Gover 2 päeva tagasi
They need to put a hr on the coach 🤣🤣🤣🤣
linxzy1x 2 päeva tagasi
imagine eddie vs jake paul LMAO
Kakug-jen 2 päeva tagasi
How can you fucking deal with a 160kg big guy???
Airguitarfooker 2 päeva tagasi
Guy is very fast for being that heavy. His speed will drop Thor.
D Kn
D Kn 2 päeva tagasi
So no more clothes available? All thats on the site is sweatpants. Where are all the beast t shirts???
Scaler 3 päeva tagasi
Jake paul vs eddie 😳
MaxEdit 3 päeva tagasi
Just from this alone, i am buying this fight!!
Martin Tague
Martin Tague 3 päeva tagasi
Eddie is gonna totally dehydrate Thor!
Zane Hawkins
Zane Hawkins 3 päeva tagasi
What system are you using eddie?
78Showboat 3 päeva tagasi
When I see him hitting the pads all I can think about is the elbow tendinitis for the guy holding them. You are in my thoughts 👏
Andrew Riley
Andrew Riley 3 päeva tagasi
I've commented on most videos eddie to say how good I think your doing with everything but this video is the turning point, and now you can see your turning POR and it's showing, keep it up man!! Thors fucked!
Jedi Knight buckley
Jedi Knight buckley 3 päeva tagasi
This man is inspiring btw have u heard of trying martial arts to cool down and love forever it really helps the body and cool down rest don’t destroy your body preserver it please man I don’t want To see you with a cane at 70
Jaxafrass 3 päeva tagasi
Eddie has heart goddamn. Hafthor is gonna get overwhelmed.
thestcroixkid 3 päeva tagasi
Terrifying high right cross....whoo!
Bjarni Arnason
Bjarni Arnason 3 päeva tagasi
Those dark waters are a canal and he is full of shit. The hero music is cringe 😂
T 4 päeva tagasi
How does someone with this much muscle move that quick..???!?!!
ddww992 4 päeva tagasi
Elbows are starting to stay a lot tighter, once the non throwing hand stays up Thor doesn't even have a puncher's chance, especially not at the molasses speed he throws punches at.
Master Topas
Master Topas 3 päeva tagasi
Everybody has a punchers chance, especially someone with a 7ft wingspan
Bean Bow Bagwins
Bean Bow Bagwins 4 päeva tagasi
Keep up the good work Eddie, throwing bombs looking sharp!
Jeremy Solis
Jeremy Solis 4 päeva tagasi
Damn looking great. The speed is impressive. Looking good bro.
Brian Swift
Brian Swift 4 päeva tagasi
tell you what eddie you have got a good hit on you man all i can say is hit thor like this fucker hes fucked keep it up mate big fan of yours
REC it Pete
REC it Pete 4 päeva tagasi
Actually looks alright on the pads. Sparring, not so much. What a lump of a man
Graham Dorsey
Graham Dorsey 4 päeva tagasi
Wow getting faster and faster. Cool to watch the change
BCGS 4 päeva tagasi
The difference in foot work technique and movement from your boxing accuracy video posted 2 months ago is night and day, you’re starting to move and hit like an actual boxer. Train hard and stay hydrated!🤘🏻
이동준 4 päeva tagasi
Daniel La-page
Daniel La-page 4 päeva tagasi
Good work Eddie, keep it going! I'm rooting for you all the way.
Raleigh Cumbee
Raleigh Cumbee 4 päeva tagasi
U are so positive love it. U help out so many .. THANK YOU!! Got a shirt idea
Big Ben
Big Ben 4 päeva tagasi
you're getting so much sharper, it's so good to see how much you have come along in a short time keep it going
Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston 4 päeva tagasi
Awful head movement
Steve B
Steve B 4 päeva tagasi
Jab and speed kills
asdf 4 päeva tagasi
Hey Eddie Vladimir Klitchko will destroy you badly and likely open cuts on your face. That is pretty obvious from your weight you cant make a single round against him likely before getting KO mostlikely you would get KO in the 30 seconds of round one even.
Gregg Irons
Gregg Irons 4 päeva tagasi
Eddie keep your chin tucked to your chest. Your punches have to be like whips. After you snap get your hands back to your face. It should be automatic. Look to the triangles. That is not just your foot movement. Look at the triangles from your opponent. Don't consider his head. It will be in the same place you expect it. The triangle is shoulder and hips. They move you are about to get hit. Keeping an eye on your opponents body will let you be an effective counter puncher. Keep your guard up
Gregg Irons
Gregg Irons 4 päeva tagasi
My boxing coach would have thrown me out the ring back to the bags if I did one of Eddie's fundamental mistakes. He is not ready to fight and the paid subpar coaches are afraid to tell him.
Gregg Irons
Gregg Irons 3 päeva tagasi
You are right. I haven't boxed since I was a teenager. But the fundamentals were always right. Those fundamentals serviced the sport well. I don't think either opponents will offer a good fight. Judging by both, it will be a lot of clinch hugs untill time runs out. But that serves the purpose. Great Entertainment. Love Eddie and pulling for him. Just want to see a domination victory!
Steve BB
Steve BB 3 päeva tagasi
@nightnight58 good counter argument. your clever
nightnight58 3 päeva tagasi
@Steve BB you’re another couch fighter, please stop talking
Steve BB
Steve BB 4 päeva tagasi
@nightnight58 hes 100% correct. 100%. eddie moves in straight lines, has zero defence, zero head movement, drops his hands after punching. hes developing bad habits.
nightnight58 4 päeva tagasi
You’re a nobody, you don’t box buddy
Krishdeep Mann
Krishdeep Mann 4 päeva tagasi
this man could legit knock out an elephant if he wanted to the power is nuts
Krishdeep Mann
Krishdeep Mann 4 päeva tagasi
this man could legit knock out an elephant if he wanted to the power is nuts
G 5 päeva tagasi
I like how your adjusting your punch hight class you’ll smash his face bro let’s go
Grant Tucker
Grant Tucker 5 päeva tagasi
Yes Eddie let’s do this ! LETS GO CHAMP
Andres Mällo
Andres Mällo 5 päeva tagasi
That dedication and professionalism, the Mountain ain't got nothing on you, he's gonna get knocked the f*ck out
Grizzle 5 päeva tagasi
Don't think I have ever been more sure of one man fucking up another than this upcoming fight, Eddie is just gonna continue making history.
Michael Cockerill
Michael Cockerill 5 päeva tagasi
By the way I can easily see you on joe rogan or london real again real soon. Keep the speed man it's fast now.
Michael Cockerill
Michael Cockerill 5 päeva tagasi
Don't let it be anger that comes out in the fight... use your focus man. Just like this.
Lulu Christian Cahyadi
Lulu Christian Cahyadi 5 päeva tagasi
eddie hall vs bob sapp!
Event Horizon Productions
Event Horizon Productions 5 päeva tagasi
Totally unrelated, but the thought occured to me watching the intro: Thor yes-men all saying Eddie is a bully for beating up on Patty... even though Patty isn't a boxer he's definitely bigger than the guy Thor faught in his exhibition fight. That was, I think, the most hilarious thing about that whole fight (and there were a LOT of hilarious elements about that fight). Thor was fighting a guy he literally called "equivalent" to his future true opponent just because the guy was 6'2 and Eddie is 6'3, but he also only weighed 200 lbs! FFS, going against a guy who's 5'10 but 240 lbs of pure muscle would have been way closer to training for the real fight. Anyway, point is, Patrick is a BIG dude, he just doesn't look like it because he's always next to a GIANT. But Thor getting in the ring with a guy at only 200 lbs is definitely more of a "bully" situation than Eddie hitting Patrick.
Hidde de Roos
Hidde de Roos 4 päeva tagasi
@Event Horizon Productions They did, but it's inaccurate. The height difference between him and Thor was much smaller than the difference between Thor and Eddie.
Event Horizon Productions
Event Horizon Productions 5 päeva tagasi
@Hidde de Roos pretty sure the card literally listed him at 6'2
Hidde de Roos
Hidde de Roos 5 päeva tagasi
Dude, the guy Thor fought is a pro boxer with a 13-1 record. Paddy can't box and is scared of Eddie. The guy Thor fought is taller than Eddie (look at pictures of Thor next to Eddie, the difference is much bigger) and weighed 220 lbs, not 200. The fact that you think Paddy who can't box and is scared of Eddie is better opposition than an experienced pro with a 13-1 record is laughable (who is close to Paddy's height btw).
Todd Burrows
Todd Burrows 5 päeva tagasi
Gotta get that right hand up when throwing that jab.
luminousbluebird 5 päeva tagasi
CoQ10 is great for endurance I found out the other week.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin 5 päeva tagasi
Eddie was the craziest fucker in strongman since Kaz. And that is meant to be a compliment.
King_x32 vermouth
King_x32 vermouth 5 päeva tagasi
Ya know, it helps to practice breathing through your diafram, if you learn to breath through there. You can increase the amount of time you can workout and such, ergo potentially increasing your stamina exponentially
THE ONE 5 päeva tagasi
I would suggest to spar and train with someone the size of thor cause it is gonna be totally different.
Brennan Hopkins
Brennan Hopkins 5 päeva tagasi
Team Hall!
M J 5 päeva tagasi
Smashing it fella, Big up the beast!
Shane Wyatt
Shane Wyatt 5 päeva tagasi
Eddie you need to change your profile picture to show off you’re new physic. Looking good man. Keep up the good work.
Gideon Venema
Gideon Venema 5 päeva tagasi
what is up with all the frame cutting?
r m
r m 5 päeva tagasi
Looks fast and powerful just needs to pratice throwing one hans at a time. Seems to eager and both hands extended at same time leaving unsafe holes. But not bad
Jacob 5 päeva tagasi
You should do more head movement, but great job
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 5 päeva tagasi
260 pounds in weight is good and all muscle 💪🥋🥊
Lee Hall
Lee Hall 5 päeva tagasi
Had a small chuckle when you pointed out the ringside defibrillator. Next week, "oh here are the paramedics and ambulance parked outside, just in case." Keep up the good work Eddie. Getting better each week.
Mark Donalds
Mark Donalds 6 päeva tagasi
I was looking for the international association of fat nurses who wear jumpers. I would like to be the first non fat and not a nurse member.
DarthBane1024 6 päeva tagasi
I love working out with a live HR feed. It keeps you grounded because mental stress can always be confused when physical stress is the real story.
Masked Creator
Masked Creator 6 päeva tagasi
Omg Thor doesnt have near that power, and Eddie is going to improve a lot. I dont think it will be competitive.
Masked Creator
Masked Creator 6 päeva tagasi
Eddie where did the scar on your eye come from? If it isnt too personal I've always been curious but haven't heard you talk about it yet.
Thomas Vidamour
Thomas Vidamour 6 päeva tagasi
Will there be head guards in your fight
Warren G
Warren G 6 päeva tagasi
Big Eddie fan, but if Thor can throw a nice straight jab and line up some big shots down the middle, I don't think it'll be as one sided as everyone thinks.
D Lynch
D Lynch 6 päeva tagasi
What is that heart rate monitor he has called?
Jonathan Stuart
Jonathan Stuart 6 päeva tagasi
There is no comparison thor will be lucky to stand 4 rounds,eddie is just faster way faster👍
Richard Mc
Richard Mc 6 päeva tagasi
Punches sound sharper than before
Scott Essery
Scott Essery 6 päeva tagasi
The old fella Lyndon still looks tasty in the ring even though you’d think he’s not
Turner 6 päeva tagasi
Gees a shot of your gym eddie.
Ben Toovey
Ben Toovey 6 päeva tagasi
That right cross is aiming high... Thors chin
ruben lieshout
ruben lieshout 6 päeva tagasi
I honestly think u would benefit from crossfit atm, heart rate thru the roof for a longer period of time
Herman Fitter
Herman Fitter 6 päeva tagasi
Eddie you are looking so much better engaging hips when punching your feet are moving and hands so much faster I think as the time goes on you will relax more and your heartbeat won’t go so high but amazing the progress you are making
Tereora Tapaitau
Tereora Tapaitau 6 päeva tagasi
Ehara ko te rahi o te kuri I te pakanga, engari ko te rahi o te pakanga I roto u te kuri. Its not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Thor is the bigger fighter but the fight he has inside him, pales in comparison to The Beast Eddie Hall.
The Lord My Shepherd
The Lord My Shepherd 6 päeva tagasi
If I trained you would have a better shape and be able to handle any situation in a ring!
DucHieu TV
DucHieu TV 6 päeva tagasi
The Beast
bwim 6 päeva tagasi
respect to the mitt holder for sure
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson 6 päeva tagasi
need to work more head moment and stop dropping his hands as he goes in for the punch with Thor reach he’s going to need to work twice as hard to get in and land those heavy shots I think Eddie and Thor would be a fun fight to watch but Thor’s got a huge reach and is looking good too.Eddie needs to work that Tyson peek a bo head movement to get in close and use that momentum to get his shot off without taking punishment. Don’t just head hunt work the body and frustrate him by not being in front of him and trying to bang it out. I don’t care how big these guys are if you ether one run into a good shot they are going down. Be Technical fighter don’t try to bang it out! All love thou !
Enlightened Turtle
Enlightened Turtle 6 päeva tagasi
Big love the Beast.
RJ Heiselt
RJ Heiselt 6 päeva tagasi
Love the new intro!
David Lloyd
David Lloyd 6 päeva tagasi
That jab is money. Crisp and fast and with a proper sting. Honestly, keep sticking that in Thor's face and it won't be palsy that gives him a wonky gob anymore.
CAR MAD 6 päeva tagasi
Nathan Davies
Nathan Davies 6 päeva tagasi
You haven’t even experienced the kiddie pool of boxing yet fella, you haven’t even been hit in the chin yet by one of us big boys, you can talk all the shit you want bottom line is you haven’t been hit yet and you’ve been training for how long....? Talk is cheap and you’ll find that out when you start sparring for real, not hitting punching dummies that can’t hit back
Graham Crossman
Graham Crossman 6 päeva tagasi
Absolute animal. Love it!!! Big love the beast 👍👍👍
Anthony 6 päeva tagasi
Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face
Anthony 4 päeva tagasi
@nightnight58 don’t really need to quote it or put mikes name think people already know ( most combat fans ) I was going to use “ brick don’t hit back “ don’t need to say Chong lee blood sport
nightnight58 4 päeva tagasi
Should’ve quoted it, and put mike tysons name. He’s the one who made that quote
Sean Needham
Sean Needham 6 päeva tagasi
3.15 the speed with the power combined unreal
Kal EL
Kal EL 6 päeva tagasi
Eddie needs to do more cardio to get cut and lean.. So he can go the distance.. He’s got power!!
NormalStyleCrew 7 päeva tagasi
which hero shall arise. shall it be the mountain or shall it be the hall of fame himself mister eddie hall. I D O N O T K N O W But the answer shall be determined this coming September. Heroes shall arise and a king shall finally be crowned.
Ian Bendall
Ian Bendall 7 päeva tagasi
Hi Beasty, coming on nicely now, yer still not properly over yer man flu I don’t think but still impressive all the same. For a big geazer your punch speed is feckin fast, now I’ve watched a couple of numpty bollox’s training sessions, now I’m not saying that I’d want to get hit by one but his moves seem to be very slow. Advertising the fact that a shot is coming by body position and stance is always gonna give you an advantage of blocking or moving to avoid, he just doesn’t seem to be moving at your speed. Can’t wait ✊
S M 7 päeva tagasi
Chill with power he's to small on pads
håkon jacobsen
håkon jacobsen 7 päeva tagasi
Mr im not scared, eat your majones and get to heavy for the fight haha
Dan Pedley
Dan Pedley 7 päeva tagasi
Watching the first mortal kombat film where Gorro is fighting in the ring for his first fight...all I could think of was Eddie is going to be Gorro, Thor is going to be getting beat thoroughly 😅
Bradgibbo76 PT. Gibbo
Bradgibbo76 PT. Gibbo 7 päeva tagasi
Keep going champ, let the dafties fuel you to come out in September and absolutely smash it. Great guy awesome team keep pushing guys. 👏💪💪💪💯💯💯👊💪👏
DABU UBAD 7 päeva tagasi
The snap no joke
DABU UBAD 7 päeva tagasi
Eddie relax get a massage us big people need to relax
TheBear657 7 päeva tagasi
You need to get a bigger trainer lol.. poor bastard bet he can't move his arms the next day
Euan Louden
Euan Louden 7 päeva tagasi
Appreciate the content but sick of seeing Eddie hit pads and knock the shite out of his padman. I understand he wants to "learn how to box before sparring" however he could be in doing touch sparring which in my opinion is better for footwork and accuracy compared to his current training style. Never once been injured from touch sparring or light sparring so I dont entirely understand his mindset, I think hes missing out on ring experience. Not a hater but just think his training is a bit stale.
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