Boxing | Thoughts on Thor's fight

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

16 päeva tagasi

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Big Love
Team Beast

Aron Lane
Aron Lane 11 tundi tagasi
That looks good enough, I'll be putting some money on you
Jimmy Hardon
Jimmy Hardon 18 tundi tagasi
keep your fuckign guard up or youre gonna get chinned cant believe your little yes men arent telling you that jesus christ
Fox Blue River
Fox Blue River 23 tundi tagasi
Thor could be sandbagging though. But if that video is even half true: Eddie is more aggressive, faster and hits way harder; all of that by a mile.
Marc Henderson
Marc Henderson Päev tagasi
I’m here to watch Eddie knock Thor out!!!!
LimitsOfHumanSpeed Finale
LimitsOfHumanSpeed Finale Päev tagasi
I like Thor as a person but he looked awful at boxing, i thought he would of slimmed down a lot more, he just has the wrong build for it he looked slow & week compared to pro boxers because speed plays a big part in punching power, Mike Tyson is big but no where near as big as Thor, Mike is about 110kg of muscle, Thor should not box again.
Maison Little
Maison Little Päev tagasi
Put your hands up man or you're gonna lose. Idk y your coach isn't trying to break that habit
Ethan Sutherland
Ethan Sutherland Päev tagasi
The guys with the pads must have shoulders of fuckin steel, It must be like getting hit with a massive sledgehammer every punch.
evoaddict1 Päev tagasi
Eddie has a decent snap to his straight right.. No follow through to offset his weight, jabs getting better still firing from low...
Bigg Stavros
Bigg Stavros 2 päeva tagasi
Bloody `eck Eddie. Not bad at all mate.
Ralf Olonson
Ralf Olonson 2 päeva tagasi
Eddie ... If Thors video was not just a "setup" ... You will win on points alone! ... Thor is definitely not a Boxer! ... your training is going really well.
Patron 2 päeva tagasi
Yeah the mentality he has about learning the craft is really good!
Cheese Steak Jimmy's
Cheese Steak Jimmy's 2 päeva tagasi
The problem is not how hard you hit your sparring partners, it's about you having no fights. Thor might have looked trash but he has one fight on you and his training becomes more effective. Right now you have about as many fights as me and Thor is one up on you
Marcus C
Marcus C 2 päeva tagasi
I really hope they have like a 5’10/5’11 ref for the fight 😂
Sonny Megeary
Sonny Megeary Tund tagasi
I hope it’s a 5’7 dude so you can see the different between an average person to these goliaths
Carter Hill
Carter Hill 2 päeva tagasi
You need to get used to being hit !
Fletcher Brown
Fletcher Brown 3 päeva tagasi
what kind of wet noodle complains about boxers getting punched in the face. Also Patty is not a small man, it just looks like it next to eddie. he can take it
M. RXN 3 päeva tagasi
He got better, but Thor will still win
God 3 päeva tagasi
Eddie's being a fudgina 😂😂
Andy 3 päeva tagasi
When your in the ring with Paddy you are (Sparring).., there is a big difference between sparring and boxing.., for you to bully paddy around the ring is pointless because I doubt you will be doing the same with Thor.., then suddenly you'll be like what do I do now?
Glenn Drury
Glenn Drury 3 päeva tagasi
I think all the vlogs/videos Thor's side have put into the public domain are sandbagging and don't show anything like the level he is/will be at. I have have faith in you Eddie but they will only let you see what they want you to see.
Freddie Deetlefs
Freddie Deetlefs 3 päeva tagasi
Eddie is going to fuckin destroy THOR ! I am a huge fan of both guys but let's be honest, Eddie is just gonna be the better boxer, he is strong, fast and explosive.
Daemon P
Daemon P 3 päeva tagasi
Eddie has made a ton of progress much respect to him, my only comment is to keep his hands up not only when he is throwing the hooks.. other than that i dont see any major problems in his style. Just small tweaking as he goes. You got this though Eddie
NMason120 3 päeva tagasi
eddie is going to win, just got caught up with everything in 2months. he is so much better then he was then. team beast
Owen 3 päeva tagasi
You and true Geordie need to spar
Bjarni Arnason
Bjarni Arnason 3 päeva tagasi
Keep swimming Eddie. Nobody will punch you in the water. Your lesson is close. Keep delaying your sparring, its about taking shots to the face fatboy.
Charlie Butt
Charlie Butt 3 päeva tagasi
The guy with the pads looks so scared of him
Heather Reads Reddit
Heather Reads Reddit 2 päeva tagasi
Eddie broke the guy’s ribs a while back, so it’s understandable.
Andy Stevenson
Andy Stevenson 3 päeva tagasi
Watch the low right hand!!!
Brian 4 päeva tagasi
Omg who’s filming 😂😂
Paul Emil Levasseur
Paul Emil Levasseur 4 päeva tagasi
If you were chuck norris, you would have infected the bad illness.
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 4 päeva tagasi
For a guy his weight he is incredibly athletic
Sonny Megeary
Sonny Megeary Tund tagasi
Fantastic genetics at play
Objective Spirituality
Objective Spirituality 4 päeva tagasi
His boxing training is so many levels above thors. Same with everything else the only thing thor has is reach. He will bring power for twice as long as thor
HLB6027 4 päeva tagasi
I watched Bjornsson box before this to get an idea of what will happen, tbh, not looking good AT ALL for Bjornsson, he’s big, slow, and when he punches it’s like his fists are traveling through molasses, Eddie is gonna mop the floor with him no doubt. Oh yeah, he also can’t guard himself for the life of him.
Josh Hale
Josh Hale 4 päeva tagasi
why are you even lifting weights buddy, all your energy needs to go into boxing training wtf youre worlds strongest man you dont need any more strength for boxing
aaron lidbetter
aaron lidbetter 4 päeva tagasi
The ring Aint big enough for the two of us. When two worlds collide😂😂
TUFF GUY RIO 4 päeva tagasi
I’m not saying this because I’m a Eddie Hall fan but man he’s really progressing! Just like in WSM I knew it wouldn’t be long b4 he won because of how dedicated he is to whatever he is doing! That 500 pound dead lift is a prime example. You don’t just wake up and say I’m going to pick up a bee 1100 pounds! It takes heart dedication desire and will power! The man is literally a fuckn BEAST!!!!
MrDucktastic 4 päeva tagasi
G'wan big man. Also Thor's fight... guy really needs to learn how to jab. Feet aren't terrible. His cardio is surprisingly good. But the guy can't utilise his reach.
Ben Gibbons
Ben Gibbons 4 päeva tagasi
Your gonna bring down the hammer 🥊 on Thor buddy 👊😎
Spenny 4 päeva tagasi
Your a British legend Eddie, can't wait to see you crush thor like you did in 2017, keep up the great Work!!!
Callum Duke
Callum Duke 5 päeva tagasi
He has a very unique right cross,eveytime he throws it he holds his left hand very high to cover his face,normally that wouldnt give you an much power but he’s so big he will produce it regardless
evoaddict1 Päev tagasi
Good snap on it... Needs the same with his jab,
icemandef 5 päeva tagasi
Eddie makes a good point about gaining an advantage by Thor putting out that fight. If Eddie doesn't end up posting any sparring footage, Thor has nothing useful to study. Eddie, however, has access to all of Thor's spars and his fight, so he can identify flaws to develop an informed strategy for their bout. Huge difference.
Andy Mac
Andy Mac 5 päeva tagasi
i wouldnt mind betting big thor backs out of the fight
이재학 5 päeva tagasi
Please calm down... Ur boxing skill is much better than Thor. Please go easy on him...
Enrique Ponce
Enrique Ponce 5 päeva tagasi
Great to see that left hand up!
Andy Cameron
Andy Cameron 5 päeva tagasi
I met Eddie in Swindon comp. Nice guy. One thing a will say is mountains can be conquered. Climb the peak.
Lee Gudgin
Lee Gudgin 5 päeva tagasi
Ignore all the couch experts they don't have a fuvking clue a big strong man transitioning to boxing would take years to get it perfect
Stephen Wharton
Stephen Wharton 5 päeva tagasi
Break him in half no mercy
Larry Sundqvist
Larry Sundqvist 5 päeva tagasi
He should get a taller training partner if he's going against the mountain
migi punx
migi punx 5 päeva tagasi
12 rounds would be too much bc he's too bulky , must reduce his size and go for jogging, cycling, swimming... but he can knock people with that power... just improve the gas tank
Turner 6 päeva tagasi
Leave his jaw swinging big man.
Scott Essery
Scott Essery 6 päeva tagasi
I’d love Eddie to go back to Loughborough uni and measure the power of those jabs. Scary. They made poor paddy’s lungs bleeds ffs I bet there’s more Newton’s of force than the gypsy king himself Love to see a bio of Lyndon and paddy too. Lyndon looks like he was good in the day and a proper stokie 😀 8:27 that’s what makes Eddie so good. He listens and doesn’t have a n ego so big he won’t respect others. Respect Eddie
Silverfox9 6 päeva tagasi
Thor is looking skinny. Eddie will eat him
RJ Heiselt
RJ Heiselt 6 päeva tagasi
Is he still wearing the heavier gloves?
Chris Don
Chris Don 6 päeva tagasi
Dropping your right arm too much Eddie. But i am sure you will beat thawed anyway :-)
Nik Hazman
Nik Hazman 6 päeva tagasi
The beast could bring down the mountain in the first round, but for entertainment sake, let it last 3 rounds
Nicholas Carle
Nicholas Carle 6 päeva tagasi
My god, your looking shit hot man. Go on big man you're gonna smash thor. You look like a professional 💪
john lee
john lee 6 päeva tagasi
eddie i just watched that thor fight and tbh he could not hit water if he fell out of a f=-king boat,the other lad could of sat down,had a cuppa,read the paper,posted a few tweets,uploaded a youtube vid in the time it took thor to swing a punch,one more round and he would of been on his arse...cant wait to see you mangle him..good luck big man
Michael Darden
Michael Darden 6 päeva tagasi
Thor better be ready....
Dino Dan
Dino Dan 7 päeva tagasi
You got this Eddie - I put max bet on you to win, don’t let me down big man 😉🤣
Mc killer poet
Mc killer poet 7 päeva tagasi
You are right eddie the mountain does not punch down the middle if you can do that you will kick the 💩 out of him I would go as far to say you would K.O him 💪🏼
Damien Jelfs
Damien Jelfs 7 päeva tagasi
Sounds like Eddie has COVID-99.
Mark Bunney
Mark Bunney 7 päeva tagasi
Not sure which is the scarier fight... Hall Vs Thor or Godzilla Vs Kong!
Charlie Evans
Charlie Evans 7 päeva tagasi
So is your trainer thinking of Hayes Vs Valuev as the template? Big guy Vs enormous guy?
Ben Matta
Ben Matta 7 päeva tagasi
Pennsylvania is team Eddie 🙌🏻
John Hendersched
John Hendersched 7 päeva tagasi
Has Patty ever railed you because you caught him of guard or hit a bit too hard? Just a question I have Eddie.
mkrulic517439 7 päeva tagasi
keep your hands up big man.
MatthewC9341 7 päeva tagasi
Think as long as Eddie doesn't also rock up in Jordan Ones, he might do much better 👀😂
Glenn Flynn
Glenn Flynn 8 päeva tagasi
Looking good Eddie. You have made tremendous progress. Looking dangerous my friend.
King South
King South 8 päeva tagasi
No fool we mean get a new sparring partner, one who hits back
Chillingboot 05
Chillingboot 05 8 päeva tagasi
I think the only problem he has with his boxing skills is hes not keeping his hands up and is a little bit messy with the footwork but other than that hes doing really good. Definitly gonna win the fight
Natos 8 päeva tagasi
all these months later and still incapable of correct hand placement. I want eddy to demolish that giant prima donna but if he gets a shot off at eddys head he's going down. hands up dude, always, no matter what. you're training yourself to not guard. I have watched thors fight, and i think eddy is still doin better. but why not set yourself up to demolish him as much as humanly possible lol
Jev S.
Jev S. 8 päeva tagasi
It's way too early to make predictions but it'll be crazy if Eddie loses. He has insane advantage when it comes to mentality. Bjorn loses on mentality alone, he isn't a winner. I'm not a fanboy, I'm just stating facts as a fighter.
Jay G.
Jay G. 8 päeva tagasi
Have you had covid??
Bubby The Brow
Bubby The Brow 9 päeva tagasi
Man wish my coach was the same I spared the first damn day haha
Jack Strider
Jack Strider 9 päeva tagasi
Definately seeing some improvement! You're keeping the left up when throwing the right now. Knock Thor out Beast!
Michael Tamez
Michael Tamez 9 päeva tagasi
Your doing great but don't you need fight or sparring
EpicIrish 9 päeva tagasi
keeping it on the downlow I see
Lord of House Wolfsbane
Lord of House Wolfsbane 9 päeva tagasi
Now it begins for the strongman to become goat
bass wind
bass wind 9 päeva tagasi
You got this Eddie!
Tim Dixon
Tim Dixon 9 päeva tagasi
If you trust your coach.. then trust your coach. I love that Eddie actually cares respects and listens to his coach. I think he'll do really well
Sleepy Smurf
Sleepy Smurf 9 päeva tagasi
It won't happen, covid.
Hunterandjamie 9 päeva tagasi
As the person holding the camera having a seizure during the filming of this video. Was all over the place.
Natos 8 päeva tagasi
out of the ring so probably zoomed in. even a relatively steady hand would make a steady vid
adam 9 päeva tagasi
Your not learning to box by throwing full power punches against a person who doesn't know how to box or defend himself properly. I bet if you had a spar against a pro you will be sparring and acting differently.
Yaacov Corcos
Yaacov Corcos 9 päeva tagasi
You're getting better every video
Tim Casey
Tim Casey 9 päeva tagasi
No one thinks you're a vagina:)
Yaacov Corcos
Yaacov Corcos 9 päeva tagasi
"מה אתה דפוק אחי"
derek greenwood
derek greenwood 9 päeva tagasi
Tell ya for what like they're some sweet, sharp shots!!! Not fucking about there - The difference between Eddie and Thor is f'ing lightyears
Clinton Williams
Clinton Williams 9 päeva tagasi
When is the fight?
Nicholas Waskan
Nicholas Waskan 9 päeva tagasi
Eddie legitimately seems to punch at twice the speed of Thor.... don’t think this will be much of a fight. Can’t wait to make lots of betting money lol
UndefeatedGaul 9 päeva tagasi
This is really pathetic Eddie the most insecure human on earth
Greg P. Equality is key!! By peck fam
Greg P. Equality is key!! By peck fam 9 päeva tagasi
All of the dislikes on this video came from Thor and his pampering partners😂🤣😭 Thor is going to get his a$$ kicked!!! Can't wait to see this fight because the mountain is getting hit with some dynamite that will bring it down.
philip popenik
philip popenik 9 päeva tagasi
with all the precautions you took--you still caught covid..ha ha i did was a cold....just a cold.....not deadly-----and i guess the masks dont work either...WHAT DOES ALL THIS TELL US????? WE HAVE ALL BEEN DUPED.... False numbers....most deaths----94% of them----in nursing homes...imagine that???? Time to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor 9 päeva tagasi
holy fuk the pad guy has him punching UP over his own head
Darren Davison
Darren Davison 9 päeva tagasi
Big man that left guard is like a coiled spring, it looks so crisp bro
River York
River York 9 päeva tagasi
Your guna destroy cry baby Thor.
Mad J
Mad J 10 päeva tagasi
Spar with francis nagganou
Martin Howell
Martin Howell 10 päeva tagasi
Learning boxing key phrase thor thinks he's gonna beat you then beat fury 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ismail Bullinger
Ismail Bullinger 10 päeva tagasi
Eddie you are a bad looser. You know he is better. But you cant accept it. Grow up
skoromny 10 päeva tagasi
No head Protection, will be k.o.
Adam ElHawary
Adam ElHawary 10 päeva tagasi
You need to train with someone who is as tall as Thor.
Mad J
Mad J 10 päeva tagasi
Feancis ngganou
fanfam 10 päeva tagasi
Mike Tyson will be proud.
German Car Life
German Car Life 10 päeva tagasi
Eddie can I just say I do not know how you still have association with Myprotein. I love your channel Eddie but this Is not right . They have run around 100 And 100s of irish customers by not shipping out orders and no refunds there a disgrace of a company .. Check out trustpilot .. you’ll see for yourself
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