CHEST & TRICEPS | Heavy dumbbell press

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Big Love
Team Beast

Feltal 16 päeva tagasi
Perhaps the best joint genetics of all time. Crazy longevity with this guy.
BigNoob 16 päeva tagasi
If Eddie became an actual boxer that would be crazy his punches could kill a man :O
YIDARMY08 16 päeva tagasi
Eddie when you gonna make a follow up documentary on Netflix? your last one was great watched it three times now 👍
Kecleo 18 päeva tagasi
Watching boxing vids and training vids back to back is so funny because the comment section is soooo toxic but turns incredibly positive. Just say you love Eddie for gods sake.
Mayhem 19 päeva tagasi
Eddie is winning that fight 💯 -- not just that Hafthor is slow it’s that Eddie is very fast & explosive for a man his size. The only thing I think he has to worry about is Hafthor using his reach to stop him from closing the distance. I don’t think it will be that big of an issue as long as he uses that athleticism to get inside that jab. Big fan of both, but my money’s on Eddie.
Nikola Ratkovic
Nikola Ratkovic 20 päeva tagasi
Why is the girl behind the camera? She is so sweet
Michael Brett
Michael Brett 22 päeva tagasi
Hello Eddie please can you help I’m a hgv driver and I’m over weight i want to loss some and get my fitness back just wondering if you can help please
Sulaiman 22 päeva tagasi
Day in the life of Paddy coming soon?
Damien Regnier
Damien Regnier 22 päeva tagasi
Trop fort se ga
Billy Byrne
Billy Byrne 23 päeva tagasi
Ceo of "HUUKE"
some guy on the internet
some guy on the internet 25 päeva tagasi
I'm 5'10 and 120lbs. Most I've recorded myself lifting is 235lbs. This man can do that single handed. Goes to show how much work and genetics can really change the human body
MRL Wille
MRL Wille 28 päeva tagasi
Looking good bro better fuck up Thor but train with someone who fights back and doesn’t back away thats all good luck brother!!!
THE REAL PINK GUY 28 päeva tagasi
I might be able to lift 300 now that would be nice I’m at 270 right now
MRL Wille
MRL Wille 28 päeva tagasi
Nice bro keep up the great work i believe in you!!
Big Siddz
Big Siddz 29 päeva tagasi
What's the name of intro music?
Anonymous 29 päeva tagasi
To much weight lifting for boxing is not good.
Eric E
Eric E 29 päeva tagasi
Thor is going to get torn apart, holy crap
Snap_92 29 päeva tagasi
I got 2kg only watching this video , holy shit
Tom Bean
Tom Bean 29 päeva tagasi
And yet another injurie set back. Bone spures in the shoulder 😎
FemmeElite 29 päeva tagasi
Idk Eddie, maybe you could use a long swim and get properly hydrated...
Alfred vradenburg
Alfred vradenburg Місяць tagasi
You are a MONSTER!!!!
ツAbhishek Місяць tagasi
*Bro i swear hes one of the dudes whos super strong but goofy and humble*
Anthony Beattie
Anthony Beattie Місяць tagasi
Well done Ed you are a true inspiration thanks for sharing training your trade secrets man👍
Peter Wetton
Peter Wetton Місяць tagasi
Eddie I need beasting, I'm 6ft, 17 stones dad of two teens. I just can't shift the belly, build the arms and chest, I have anchilosin spondulitus in my back and rheumatoid arthritis but I'm strong. Can you give me any advice of what to do and what to eat to build the muscle I need?
D fkdiek
D fkdiek 28 päeva tagasi
My groceries list consist of
D fkdiek
D fkdiek 28 päeva tagasi
I aim for at-least 30grams of fibre, 50grams of healthy fats, 160grams of whole food protein a day (the rest of fats/carbs should be changed to suit your goals)
D fkdiek
D fkdiek 28 päeva tagasi
I go for protein then healthy fats then fibre
D fkdiek
D fkdiek 28 päeva tagasi
A lot of protein and fibre and omega 3'z
Elizabeth Dorchester
Elizabeth Dorchester Місяць tagasi
hi eddie . more chopping much more chopping . work light to heavey before fight . faat twitch. gl . oh drink blood and chalk and thank me later gl
neozena Місяць tagasi
I would crap my pants if i saw this guy walking on the sidewalk
Antony Moore-Jordan
Antony Moore-Jordan Місяць tagasi
I can't wait until u knock out Thor your one of my idols and I love seeing u train keep up the good work
Owain Lloyd Davies
Owain Lloyd Davies Місяць tagasi
"Huuuk power"
Underbottom Sandydown
Underbottom Sandydown Місяць tagasi
say what you will, the man'll have an almighty huke
JayBoy Місяць tagasi
Max: “my dad can beat up your dad!” Any kid that has sense: “yep.”
Devil Ninja
Devil Ninja Місяць tagasi
I like you work hard for workout than Train for boxing. I want you work for strongman's job.
Roz Wood
Roz Wood Місяць tagasi
I'm a 62 year old woman who used to be so active until rheumatoid arthritis started last year. Eddie's videos are giving me the motivation to just keep going and doing what I can 😍
BuMpaBB _
BuMpaBB _ 28 päeva tagasi
👍 wishing the best, keep doing your best
DxMetroxD XxDthxX
DxMetroxD XxDthxX Місяць tagasi
This is my kind of body build im going EDIE HALL body build 🤙 👁👄👁
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Місяць tagasi
Song Name Anyone
Dobromir Gospodinov
Dobromir Gospodinov Місяць tagasi
Oh fuck that’s kg of course
Dobromir Gospodinov
Dobromir Gospodinov Місяць tagasi
Took me a second to realize 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joey Ward
Joey Ward Місяць tagasi
Anyone know the tune that is in the background makes me train way harder when it comes on.
Scooby-DooDoo Місяць tagasi
Looking good!! Training like a machine
niwozawa Місяць tagasi
you may not see this Eddie, but I really wanna say: seeing your videos Really wanna make me hit the gym again especially since my baseline strength makes some big guys that've been going to the gym for years very surprised. Kek
Matt Cobs
Matt Cobs Місяць tagasi
Toughest question: At WSM 2017 would u rather have eddies pressing ability or deadlifting ability
Eric E
Eric E 29 päeva tagasi
Pressing, personally
jason walkley
jason walkley Місяць tagasi
Have done my research but biased but Eddies got this
TheGhostof Versailles
TheGhostof Versailles Місяць tagasi
I’ve noticed in your boxing training you seem like you’re throwing your punches from your heels and not engaging your hips and turning the toes a lot!? Is this causing a loss of power? Or is it just a technique issue you’re working on? Would like to know!!!’
TheGhostof Versailles
TheGhostof Versailles Місяць tagasi
Also after you punch it looks like you’re leaving all your weight of your front food stay back on that back leg my guy.
787Speedbrakes Місяць tagasi
Eddie / Paddy .... do you find those cable punches help develop the serratus (sometimes known as the ‘boxers muscle’)?
unstoppable gamerr
unstoppable gamerr Місяць tagasi
Man you have to beat that stupid man thor bjornsson
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes Місяць tagasi
80 kilos is so light Eddie felt the need to beat box to the soundtrack while pressing.
Oskar Vassdal
Oskar Vassdal Місяць tagasi
You are the best
Hùng Nguyễn
Hùng Nguyễn Місяць tagasi
Stefan Symeonakis
Stefan Symeonakis Місяць tagasi
what's his intro song? Also does anyone know what the other songs he uses are called?
Felipe De Jesus Pineda Rosales
Felipe De Jesus Pineda Rosales Місяць tagasi
Artificial intelligence lux inspira 😎
B P.
B P. Місяць tagasi
Hi ick bin ben
Nick Farley
Nick Farley Місяць tagasi
Are you hydrated Eddie Hall
AJDB Місяць tagasi
Would love to train with Eddie.. The motivation is nearly grabbing me through the screen, I can only imagine what it'd be like to be trained by The Beast
tac driver52
tac driver52 Місяць tagasi
who is training eddy flys for hook power 🤔 smh just drill technique and conditioning you're already gonna be strong.
Pit Bull
Pit Bull Місяць tagasi
Please make your content available on Free & Open Platforms; that does not censor Free Speech and Expression.
Shayne Albert
Shayne Albert Місяць tagasi
I wish u were my dad
Jonny Eriksson
Jonny Eriksson Місяць tagasi
When eddie hall enters the boxing ring Thor is going to pee him self down, you will win eddie from Sweden
John D
John D Місяць tagasi
On the Myo website I could only see up to 40kg, I wish someone would send you 100kg. How much would that entire rack set someone back?
Burgerman Місяць tagasi
See this is why I have unflavoured protein then i’m already bored of the flavour.
Poppapump Bernardi
Poppapump Bernardi Місяць tagasi
Don't be doing those close to your fight with The Mountain.They will make you slow as F%#@!
Benjiboy287 Місяць tagasi
His jabs with a full stack are still fast, imagine the speed and power without a weight connecting with thors jaw😯☠️☠️
Raja Nayak
Raja Nayak Місяць tagasi
Intro Song Name Please ???
Norbu Kunchok
Norbu Kunchok Місяць tagasi
Is your daughter is your camera man?.
Chance Raine
Chance Raine Місяць tagasi
Anybody know what song was playing at the start?
Handtralla Місяць tagasi
When will you be knighted?
LRookie Місяць tagasi
oy eddie you and your friends on 4 strong men, should go to indonesia and try Bambu Gila and try to hold it down.
KuuBluhKahn Місяць tagasi
always....beEE.....HYDRATINGGGGG Larry 🦞 Everyone's wanting that win eddie!!!
remi -
remi - Місяць tagasi
thor has called u out about ur training bro. at the end of his (profight)
Explorer Hirak
Explorer Hirak Місяць tagasi
kintu tumi petua .. pet tu komua babu
Explorer Hirak
Explorer Hirak Місяць tagasi
babu Parisa 👍🏽
Lyon Gaming
Lyon Gaming Місяць tagasi
Can’t wait till the fight cause I know Eddie is going to knock the sh*t out of Thor.
Frank Pedroza
Frank Pedroza Місяць tagasi
Getting tired of seeing the same 4/5 training videos. Not sure why I still watch. I guess by definition of what he’s doing, little variety should be expected.
Jerry Loveland
Jerry Loveland Місяць tagasi
I watched Thor’s match and he is so slow. Bro you have this match. Keep up the great work.
Johnny Kinsey
Johnny Kinsey Місяць tagasi
He looks like he could kill a man with one punch. I couldn’t image being in the ring with him. Good thing I’m not gonna be his opponent.
Jacob McDonald
Jacob McDonald Місяць tagasi
5:22 pecs almost gave him an uppercut
xxxburke Місяць tagasi
Am I the only one who wants to see him use a total gym? LOL
dragons9000 Місяць tagasi
eddie says he needs to keep a variety in his supplements yet he does the same exercises every week??? variety everywhere is good mate
Magnus Thor
Magnus Thor Місяць tagasi
Dude behaves like he's already not fighting HafTHOR. He started it a long time ago.
Looking really these Days eddie...what's the weight ?like 155kg
Liam ES
Liam ES Місяць tagasi
Wouldnt wanna be thor on the end of that 100 kilo punch 😵
Fehmi Aydin
Fehmi Aydin Місяць tagasi
Eddie Hall is weak n a shame cus He lost to skinny Guys in a tug o war Challenge
Gary Lowery
Gary Lowery Місяць tagasi
After the boxing it would be amazing to see Eddie try a powerlifting meet. His static strength is insane!
Island Warrior 03
Island Warrior 03 Місяць tagasi
Where can I buy one of the hoodies Eddie puts on at the end? I checked the link they do not have it or my size in the other zip up hoodies unfortunately.
snoopy123 vatt
snoopy123 vatt Місяць tagasi
He has a good mindset hope he wins the fight.🤞🥊🏆
Tik Tok funny moments Bungiu
Tik Tok funny moments Bungiu Місяць tagasi
Eddie i was whith the delivery to you today next time i want to have a picture with you!
StitchingSword Місяць tagasi
Stupid question, but is the cryotherapy purely to help your recovery after a workout?
James Locken
James Locken Місяць tagasi
Solid workout bro now is it time for some tea and a biscuit
Matej_ A
Matej_ A Місяць tagasi
he is doing punches with whole weight rack 😲
bart van heerde
bart van heerde Місяць tagasi
Can you make a video of how you picked the right equipment and how you built your home gym?
Dom Sansome
Dom Sansome Місяць tagasi
Verity is the spice of life!
LP Місяць tagasi
A ripped version of Eddie would be the scariest thing on planet earth
현무 Місяць tagasi
what is the song of the intro? pls anyone !!!
Jason Weir
Jason Weir Місяць tagasi
Imagine being jacked.. like just in amazing shape... but you have to stand next to Eddie Hall everyday so you look like an average dude
Billy Finlay
Billy Finlay Місяць tagasi
Technically speaking this man is the strongest boxer in history if he goes pro
John D
John D Місяць tagasi
Until Thor goes pro
paddy kelly
paddy kelly Місяць tagasi
A video having Max decide what you and Pat eat for the day would be a good one Eddie
Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey Місяць tagasi
Any chance of a post refurb house tour?
Reece Barclay
Reece Barclay Місяць tagasi
Can we get an update on your house?
Alen Green
Alen Green Місяць tagasi
when you will fight like a Boxer you must train like a boxer and not like a Bodybuilder.
Future Trunks
Future Trunks Місяць tagasi
Do you also train the serratus anterior?
Joppe Enestrom
Joppe Enestrom Місяць tagasi
Imagine getting punched by this guy, only dust left
Joppe Enestrom
Joppe Enestrom Місяць tagasi
Lookin great!
guy luckhurst
guy luckhurst Місяць tagasi
That squat lift in Botswana is the eddie that will pound thor! , the drive and passion to do your best is what won that wsm 2017 . That's why Terry holland didnt make final he didnt give everything to each event like eddie does, come on the beast!!
Vibezz Місяць tagasi
1:54 that bass lol
Rising Місяць tagasi
Nice workout! Mate, make a vid where you try BJJ 🥋
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