My blood work from 196kg to 161kg | Am I healthy?

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Derek 10 päeva tagasi
this doc knows his stuff... good knowledge
Lowkeygaming - Brawlstars
Lowkeygaming - Brawlstars 14 päeva tagasi
I Love the New Kitchen?
Alyssa Schulz
Alyssa Schulz 22 päeva tagasi
That guy is so intelligent, I could listen to him speak all day!
pthithic 23 päeva tagasi
No visuals, just endless piehole moving. Ugh
Steph Goodman
Steph Goodman 25 päeva tagasi
Kitchen looks incredible looks like a brand new house thank god that country bumpkin look has gone 😂😬
Ethan Brassfield
Ethan Brassfield 25 päeva tagasi
Could somebody substantiate what the coach said about there being no such thing as good/bad cholesterol? That's not what I was taught with LDL/HDLs
Portia Snyder
Portia Snyder 26 päeva tagasi
Love the kitchen very cool 👍
Purev Rompat
Purev Rompat 28 päeva tagasi
Youe are as stupid as you are strong.. my god, what a bunch of BS at the beginning...
Biscuit Abuse
Biscuit Abuse Місяць tagasi
I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I myself have legit just gone from 196kg to 161kg as of today, admittedly I'm only 5'10" and my weight loss is purely fat loss but for some reason this has got me super pumped! Love ya big man 💙
Aaron Місяць tagasi
i messed up my elbow 2 months ago doing keg toss and it's still hurting any idea what i messed up or how to fix it?
blue internet
blue internet Місяць tagasi
muscle is so important to longevity... that's why women live longer LOL
Veryhot Patejta
Veryhot Patejta Місяць tagasi
7:49 at least he's not VERY VERY DEHYDRATED!
Glorious Running Potato
Glorious Running Potato Місяць tagasi
Love the kitchen ! Sooo bright !
Jacob Reedy
Jacob Reedy Місяць tagasi
And i thought i was underhydrated
DMag89 Місяць tagasi
8:50 This "expert" just referred to muscle as a organ ....
MXMentalStanderd Місяць tagasi
Skin is an organs so...
The Esoteric Cunt
The Esoteric Cunt Місяць tagasi
21:20 I can literally hear MPMD saying “ANDROGENIC, NOT ANABOLIC!”
The Esoteric Cunt
The Esoteric Cunt Місяць tagasi
What he said about cholesterol is, unfortunately, complete bullshit. Elevated LDL cholesterol has consistently been associated with atherosclerosis. Denying this makes you scientifically illiterate.
Aleck Morgan
Aleck Morgan Місяць tagasi
The cliff edge? A bit like the word he couldn’t find “pinnacle” but nothing like it... yeah, not a doctor 👍🏻
Aleck Morgan
Aleck Morgan Місяць tagasi
No you’re not healthy. Who the f*** is Phil? Just a guy with a laptop. It’s like listening to Burt and Ernie’s steroids for dummies... lol. Not a doctor, just a made up title, sick mate 🤓😅
RatRaceProducing Місяць tagasi
He dumbed it down a bit but makes sense. Certain cholesterol (LDL) tends to contribute to the bad stuff you hear (plaque etc in the arteries) and other cholesterol (HDL) helps to produce good cells and manage toxins and FRs. This is why they are coined good and bad but its not so black and white
Bit2Brain Місяць tagasi
Great insight and info but MPMD is going to have a field day with the statement at 21:22 about DHT being more anabolic than testosterone.
Johnny Pockets
Johnny Pockets Місяць tagasi
Remember way back when men were men
Seán Fitzgerald
Seán Fitzgerald Місяць tagasi
I can assure you Eddie you are not healthy... Yet. Key last word there.
Darren Greenacre
Darren Greenacre Місяць tagasi
As a new dad and full time worker, I don't have time for much exercise at the moment. But checking in on Eddie reminds me of my long term goals... Great information too...
Tim Burke
Tim Burke Місяць tagasi
Why does he say at 31:40 that omega-6 is coming from meat, eggs and milk? I would have thought vegetable oils would be a bigger source.
Wayne Місяць tagasi
Sounds like thor the girl said he is going to knock you out. I cant see it. Hammer time eddie keep up the training. 👍👍👍💪💪💪🥊🥊
G.M.S Family
G.M.S Family Місяць tagasi
I saw your shows in history tv i am tamil
G.M.S Family
G.M.S Family Місяць tagasi
THE S Місяць tagasi
Supplementing with fish oil do not work as well as eating fatty fish so eat fish instead or eat chia seeds Wich got the highest amount of omega 3 found in food more than twice the amount that there is in a fatty fish
Phillip Richards
Phillip Richards Місяць tagasi
Probably the dumbest comment I've ever read in my life.
Moris Hogo
Moris Hogo Місяць tagasi
Bro look at your nails you are deficient in many nutrients. Taking that shit protein before training during the training and after is rubbish. This protein shake is doing nothing good. And all those supplements. C'mon you're professional. You can do better
InnocenceExperience Місяць tagasi
As I listen to this, I just think about all the shit that's probably wrong with my markers. It is inspiration though. I better get some muscle and eat healthy.
ThreshingFloor Місяць tagasi
Wow man.,...that kitchen!...i havent been on here for a few months......good on ya Eddie.....all hard earnt!
Eric Cantillon
Eric Cantillon Місяць tagasi
nice house
Fanatical Weeaboo
Fanatical Weeaboo Місяць tagasi
Fanatical Weeaboo
Fanatical Weeaboo Місяць tagasi
Fanatical Weeaboo
Fanatical Weeaboo Місяць tagasi
simon steadman
simon steadman Місяць tagasi
Fuck me the level of analysis from this guys blood work is insane..I’d love to get this done..impressive stuff👍😊
Surrealiant Місяць tagasi
Estrogen is also an anti-oxidant and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Hence, pre-menopausal women rarely suffer from heart attacks, in addition to the low feratin
ALH GUITAR Місяць tagasi
Eddie needs to stop worrying about all this technical stuff. What he does need to focus on is getting a sparring partner that's not afraid of him, and will git back, hard
Sam Drew
Sam Drew Місяць tagasi
Eddie man, the kitchen looks sick ! Now back to the video 🤣
blank blank
blank blank Місяць tagasi
Despite reducing weight and becoming more shredded, at Thor's recent weigh in for his exhibition boxing match it was revealed that Eddie is almost a stone heavier than the big baby Thor! Pound for pound Eddie is clearly the bigger, fitter, quicker and more powerful of the two by far.
PALUMBO DEJVID Місяць tagasi
Eddie will win agains Thor . Question : Who is older Eddie or Alex ?
Frankie Paul
Frankie Paul Місяць tagasi
Ain't checked into your channel for a while big man and I can't believe how well your looking your gonna knock that mountain into a mound, good to see you looking so well and you probably put 20 years onto your life. Keep it up fella.
John Macris
John Macris Місяць tagasi
Helpful. Thanks
ambiente Місяць tagasi
I think it's good for anyone who does any sport. I learned a lot, thanks for sharing the knowledge. Love from Sri Lanka
Carey Hamilton
Carey Hamilton Місяць tagasi
Fascinating but a bit over my head. Is there anything I can take that gives me most if not all of what I need? 47 years old and average fitness
Old Nick
Old Nick Місяць tagasi
"Your free test levels are 0.2 under the max of optimum". Eddie's face like I need to get back on the D ball
Rob Ferguson
Rob Ferguson Місяць tagasi
First time I’ve seen the new kitchen, looks amazing Eddie
MrPrince 112
MrPrince 112 Місяць tagasi
You are a Beast
Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham Місяць tagasi
There's no such thing as good cholesterol or bad cholesterol? Someone please explain that. It doesnt sound right.
Topias Inkinen
Topias Inkinen Місяць tagasi
I think Eddie and thor should have arm wrestling match not a boxing
The Shadow Sovereign
The Shadow Sovereign Місяць tagasi
I wish General Practitioner Medical Doctor's knew as much as Phil. All the one's I have met have always had their own biased views on the same topic of health. I have absolutely NO faith when it comes to your every day Doctor, but I would love to have Phil keep me at peak performance and health.
Rex JRD Місяць tagasi
Eddie's blood is thick because he's dehydrated.
William Wolski
William Wolski Місяць tagasi
Glad your feeling real healthy Eddie!!! GET inside of Thors range and catch him under the chin!! Tyson him!!! Body shots will slow him down and drop his hands!!! Be patient, and he'll give you a shot!!! F... him UP BIG DOG!!!!!!!
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles Місяць tagasi
You are real inspiration on how to decide to do what you love in life and then immerse embrace and turn it into a whole way of being while still being a top character nice guy.. awesome 👌
Scooby-DooDoo Місяць tagasi
Nick's strength and power, new video. Don't do exspedition fights, stay focused on the big one. he's just a bumb trying to make extra money, you don't need it! He's trying to trole you, spar people lots of different people, but behind closed doors mann
Ade Knight
Ade Knight Місяць tagasi
I believed everything your coach said up until the point where he started talking about cholesterol. Your body produces all the cholesterol you need so you shouldn’t have higher than normal serum cholesterol. If you have its dietary and it leads to…… Well you know what it leads to. BTW people with a certain genetic disorder whereby they have very low cholesterol are virtually bombproof when it comes to heart attack, stroke, and all other atherosclerotic diseases.
Giuseppe Vinci
Giuseppe Vinci Місяць tagasi
New House ?
Barry Hedley
Barry Hedley Місяць tagasi
Hey mate, you need to have have Salvestrols on your radar.. You of all people, re cancer and the CYP1B1 enzyme present in pre cancer and cancer cells.. Maybe Phill also.. Cutting edge research also, the past 15 years... I'll blow your mind given half the chance.. All the best champ.
Phillip Richards
Phillip Richards Місяць tagasi
I included salvesterol research in my last book and all the cancer patients I consult for take salvesterols and they are part of the jigsaw for sure. I personally take salvesterols too with a plethora of other supplements 👍
OFN-1989 Місяць tagasi
I don't you'll ever be healthy being on gear and the diet you're on... But I wish you the best.
Erik Van der Veken
Erik Van der Veken Місяць tagasi
@More Plates More Dates
roco Місяць tagasi
Awesome and educational video!
Luke Lond
Luke Lond Місяць tagasi
That's a beautiful kitchen.
Bruce Keller
Bruce Keller Місяць tagasi
Woah kitchen looks like a spaceship now. Nice.
Wagwan Mm
Wagwan Mm Місяць tagasi
Bro I’m 6ft 64 kg ur still like a 100kg more than me 😳
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Місяць tagasi
The guy looks like he just about to have a heart attack, his face is like a beetroot, and he is the guy looking after your health? 😳
Jimi P
Jimi P Місяць tagasi
@Phillip Richards Finnish sauna, I hope.
Phillip Richards
Phillip Richards Місяць tagasi
Thanks for your concern Paul I had been on the subbed that day and also in the sauna and all my cardiovascular blood markers are exceptionally good and my CAC scan was zero. So sometimes think before you comment 🥊
gavin webster
gavin webster Місяць tagasi
No 160kg human is healthy...fat or muscles it’s still obsese...but we love the freaks so lap it up 💁🏻‍♂️
Mateusz Hańderek
Mateusz Hańderek Місяць tagasi
I'm not sure it is a good sign if Your bloodwork expert has a massively red face :P
sidcup Місяць tagasi
Thanks how much will it cost to see Dr Phil ?
al bee
al bee Місяць tagasi
I need one of these tests
Dylan Pysgod
Dylan Pysgod Місяць tagasi
Interesting stuff Eddie think I’ll have to watch it all again. I’ve got osteoporosis and take vitamin K2 along with calcium and vit D. I’m only 44 and the doctors aren’t sure what as caused the osteoporosis 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I’ve got bones of a 70 year old. I’m still fit and health apart from that. 😁 keep up the great work 👍🏼
Rutger Deetman
Rutger Deetman Місяць tagasi
1:28 on the left, your food is trying to escape..
harrisnutter Місяць tagasi
Finally... No more granny decor! Love the new kitchen Ed!
ChaCha Місяць tagasi
Can someone explain the dehydrated comment?
Karl Ball
Karl Ball Місяць tagasi
Oh boy is that hafthor gonna pee himself when Eddie's fist touches him, I predict, as do a majority, an easy win for Eddie.
Sam Woods
Sam Woods Місяць tagasi
Love to see you spar/train with Tyson Fury
Adam Firth
Adam Firth Місяць tagasi
Is there anyway to get a blood analysis like this for a normal person? I would love to see what my blood is lacking ect.
Ben Satow
Ben Satow Місяць tagasi
Wonder why testosterone is so high...
Riley Allen
Riley Allen 10 päeva tagasi
I mean he’s not claiming to be natural. In case you haven’t realized almost every pro athlete is on steroids. It’s just that some people are honest, so aren’t. Some people can afford designer steroids that are untestable, some can’t.
Max Schander
Max Schander Місяць tagasi
His voice dude, very beastly strong!
Aidan McNicholas
Aidan McNicholas Місяць tagasi
Is Eddie natural because I have no clue
spilfington Місяць tagasi
Finally somebody who has explained cholesterol correctly, most GP's don't even understand it
NIKIBUNGA Місяць tagasi
Interesting :)
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright Місяць tagasi
Incredible video , great content and helpful thank you 👍
Alex Saliba
Alex Saliba Місяць tagasi
Coach Greg should review this
Well Said
Well Said Місяць tagasi
Take your vitimins
John Damien
John Damien Місяць tagasi
high test levels...well theres a surprise.
William Taylor
William Taylor Місяць tagasi
I am barely 11-stone and can't imagine what it feels like to be as big and strong as Eddie out of the box, much less trained. He is an amazing human being and a personal hero. Good luck Eddie!!
ExoticGrundy Місяць tagasi
yeah you do understand the guy is on anabolics right 😂😂. Theres a reason he hires a blood specialist like this, because he knows that things could get very fucked up with his organs due to the years of anabolic use. I mean he may just be crusing on test right now.
Duan Leadingham-White
Duan Leadingham-White Місяць tagasi
All those new cupboards are definitely specially made and full to the brim with cranberry juice and the shake powder.
viktor Місяць tagasi
Last video I watched was the strongman diet, now I can't believe my eyes. No more piss stains in the ceiling! Woohoo...
Jon Braid
Jon Braid Місяць tagasi
Come on Eddie, we just wanna watch you knocking the stuffing out of Paddy.
Instagram: Victor_on_cartooning
Instagram: Victor_on_cartooning Місяць tagasi
He weighted 196kg I am bulking and I weigh 45 kg 😱🤣
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Місяць tagasi
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Місяць tagasi
With a kitchen like that i would never get tired of cooking 10k calories of food everyday.
Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice Місяць tagasi
Great video great.Thanks Eddie!!
Pan_Gotti Місяць tagasi
Whoa the remodel on the house it's a whole new world! looking good 💪💪
whacky wooly
whacky wooly Місяць tagasi
Oh look. No piss stained ceilings 👌
ishi zira
ishi zira Місяць tagasi
Eddie is the type of guy to chalk Thor's face before knock him out.
Giyuu Tomioka
Giyuu Tomioka Місяць tagasi
This highlighted to me all of the physical traits i have that are probably shit.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Місяць tagasi
I'd love to get this done for my health but it's £1300 with Phil! Can anyone recommend anyone cheaper in the UK?
MegaThunderDude Місяць tagasi
Found this video mad interesting. Just wish he could dumb it down a bit at times !!😂
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