New Gym Equipment! | Deadlift Day

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

28 päeva tagasi

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Big Love
Team Beast

BigMally BigBusiness
BigMally BigBusiness 2 päeva tagasi
Eddie where are the gleaming new Olympic coloured weight plates????
enes gunduz
enes gunduz 5 päeva tagasi
RİP Thor
top secret
top secret 7 päeva tagasi
Not exhausting the body too much: deadlifts 300kg 😂
Gym Pin
Gym Pin 8 päeva tagasi
Eddie, we also make machine extenders for the hammer strength row machine. If you want row 7/8 plates a side I can send you a pair out dude.
Gym Pin
Gym Pin 8 päeva tagasi
Great to see you adding weight to the lat pulldown with our gym pins eddie!
Steven Dent
Steven Dent 12 päeva tagasi
Damn i was gonna make the joke about getting your girl the little spinny ball but Eddie beat me to it
adam heiner
adam heiner 12 päeva tagasi
I would love to see something like a dumbbell only workout that could work for people since all gyms are closed i would love to see workouts/exercises that you would recommend.
ShadowDestroyers 13 päeva tagasi
Just a warning for those who buy the powerball, when you buy it from their site, they don't give you a shipping link, it's unavailable. I got mine the date of this video and its been 2 weeks, I got the 4-8 day shipping option. How am I supposed to know if it's just a simple delay or the package has been stolen or if its been shipped to a different address? I even emailed their contact page but still nothing. The experience is just frustrating.
Joshua Avery
Joshua Avery 14 päeva tagasi
Looking shredded mate
Jez The fez
Jez The fez 16 päeva tagasi
I will tell the truth
Jez The fez
Jez The fez 16 päeva tagasi
Can u talk tomorrow personally
Justin The Great Ponte
Justin The Great Ponte 16 päeva tagasi
Wow Eddie you honestly look like you’ve lost 100 lbs man and are so lean! I can’t wait for you to whip Thor’s ass!
Darren Gibbs
Darren Gibbs 17 päeva tagasi
What about a episode to update on the Arnold UK?
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg 17 päeva tagasi
4:00 "Neat Little Toy For Grip Strength" 99% of viewers: Please Keep Your Pants On.
Just Mike
Just Mike 18 päeva tagasi
Hardest working athlete on EEpost....The Beast.
Cain Costello
Cain Costello 19 päeva tagasi
Would love to see you do a reveiw of Thor's comedy execution fight, find out a bit more on how your feeling after seeing him attempt to move around the ring 💪🏼
Grzesiek P
Grzesiek P 19 päeva tagasi
Only two. You and Pudzianowski. My favourite strongmans!
Andreas Wagner Karlsen
Andreas Wagner Karlsen 19 päeva tagasi
after you beat thor in the boxing battle you should get your record back on the deadlift
Kevin Arreola
Kevin Arreola 19 päeva tagasi
Update on your home?
NESTER51 19 päeva tagasi
Thors gonna do 10,001 rpm
Finnish pedestrian
Finnish pedestrian 19 päeva tagasi
POV: You're Eddies wife at 10:00
pocketsand 19 päeva tagasi
Oh this video of you with that ball is going to get photo shopped sooooo bad
Matrix YT
Matrix YT 19 päeva tagasi
When you going to train fight
j jhry
j jhry 19 päeva tagasi
u tried to learn defense yet or are you still scared to get hit and yeah i want you to kick fuck outta thor
Anthony Bitar
Anthony Bitar 19 päeva tagasi
Hot chip challenge! Also, more videos! Good to see you m8
Saint Rezz
Saint Rezz 20 päeva tagasi
@eddie hall I was talking too a guy who knew nothing about boxing and he said pat used a pill to fake the blood when u punched him 🤣🔥 in the sparring exercise? Can I get your opinion on this.
R0bski 20 päeva tagasi
wtf is equiptment
Anthony Benardo
Anthony Benardo 20 päeva tagasi
Where’s ur bicep
ambermiller255 20 päeva tagasi
You vs. Big boy
VISHAL MISHRA 20 päeva tagasi
Want to see you deadlifting more than 400 kgs once more
imqmortal •
imqmortal • 20 päeva tagasi
Get some rounds in
Alpha Mogg
Alpha Mogg 20 päeva tagasi
Gunner04 20 päeva tagasi
Wheres the boxing eddie , I'm getting worried for you now fella,
Dominc Pelli
Dominc Pelli 19 päeva tagasi
Me too bro
Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde 21 päev tagasi
Dont know if you will read this Eddie........your an amazing man and your wife and kids are amazing too .... the way you and your amazing family have inspired me to be a better person is unprecedented.....only just starting to pay attention to you and your videos but let me thank you and yours as they have opened my eyes to who you are .... love the EEpost content and the Netflix your wife is amazing and your son and daughter are a credit to you both ... Kind regards Ben wilde 😉🏋️‍♀️
Robin Van Daele
Robin Van Daele 21 päev tagasi
idon't know if u do the 'beasted series or show' with guys outside the US, but if u do please hit me up i wanna be in that show!
kian pomphrey
kian pomphrey 21 päev tagasi
Updated house tour
Thomas Frisby
Thomas Frisby 21 päev tagasi
eddie just makes ordinary exercises look super intense
nick Gb
nick Gb 21 päev tagasi
Anyone use acetyl L carnitine powder? If so is it supposed to have a salty/crystal texture? As well as smelling like vinegar?
RoisinT2 21 päev tagasi
5:38 this jerkmate seems nice.. (:P)
Jason Spigner
Jason Spigner 21 päev tagasi
You shattered the barrier , someone followed your footsteps.
Kmasi Playz
Kmasi Playz 21 päev tagasi
Jesus is coming soon pls give ur life to him if u havent by saying the prayer of salvation the bible way andf start living for him
ZIGNIMUS 21 päev tagasi
Can't wait to get back in the gym.
Toa Elphick-Iaveta
Toa Elphick-Iaveta 21 päev tagasi
Anyone know what the name of the song is in the intro?
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 22 päeva tagasi
I love watching your videos as motivation before I work out
Treson Brown
Treson Brown 22 päeva tagasi
Do more eating videos?
Ar - Jay
Ar - Jay 22 päeva tagasi
AshAndrei 22 päeva tagasi
BEAST code is not working, it expire in november...
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell 22 päeva tagasi
Don't do too much lifting, for your boxing match. You have to win that. Big love Beast.
will 22 päeva tagasi
I got a nasty feeling Thor might beat Eddie purely on reach advantage. Only way Eddie wins is heart. Needs good ref who will let him work inside.
canal de alabanzas cristianas
canal de alabanzas cristianas 22 päeva tagasi
good work
David Norton
David Norton 22 päeva tagasi
Hey Eddie have you ever thought about going for the all time raw power lifting record. I am pretty sure you have personal bests in all three lifts that would total more than the record. I know that it would be an incredibly hard thing to do and your focus is on your match, however is it something you would consider in the future?
Sadaqat Khan
Sadaqat Khan 22 päeva tagasi
I hope u knock knock thor out
Greddy Kid
Greddy Kid 23 päeva tagasi
Hey Eddie I know you used to be doing morning runs are you still doing those?
Emrecan Sogutoglu
Emrecan Sogutoglu 23 päeva tagasi
1 big reason I call eddie winning against thor is because eddie simply is way more athletic than thor, he may just look like 1 big block of muscle but don't forget this man is one hell of a legit swimmer
reece p
reece p 23 päeva tagasi
Got that MikeTyson neck
Lop 23 päeva tagasi
Everyone: Eddie must be doing some intense training for the boxing match Also Eddie: 7:30
Aaron Speck
Aaron Speck 23 päeva tagasi
learn to do a manu
mark pape
mark pape 23 päeva tagasi
And the most important stretch hand's held together behind back and stretch hand's up and out. Not sure if you could.
mark pape
mark pape 23 päeva tagasi
get the one with no grip's i did and i'm sure they'll get in the way.
BloxD 23 päeva tagasi
Training with KSI & Behzinga collaboration
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 23 päeva tagasi
can we see an updated house tour
skatecm1 23 päeva tagasi
Those powerballs are great, I have the zinc one its really good.
Bill Hovey
Bill Hovey 23 päeva tagasi
Loved that last message on being positive.
RoisinT2 21 päev tagasi
Best part of the video! Very much needed message in these days! Come on people, we can do this and we will! Just stay strong still!
mark pape
mark pape 23 päeva tagasi
I'm reping 70kg for 30rep aiming for 50rep just so i can go back to 60kg for 100rep which i'm aiming for. Kneeling pull down's.
mark pape
mark pape 23 päeva tagasi
And the double L revolving bar work keeping your hand up.
mark pape
mark pape 23 päeva tagasi
Eddie you probably do'nt need this but have you heard of what i call a double L revolving bar really good for scapula work it's just positioned rigth and that harry potter cauldron cup i got the master's but weird thing i started ringing if i have a coffee with out whey, and the double L revolving bar really improve's grip.
mrthudpants 23 päeva tagasi
how about some old gym equipment , like the bulldog bar or chest expander
Ric F
Ric F 23 päeva tagasi
6:30, the perfect wanking fitness tool, for that extra grip 🤣
CK Outdoors
CK Outdoors 23 päeva tagasi
Will we see a 502kg deadlift?
OnNiX YT 23 päeva tagasi
God loves you all turn to him
Thomas Joseph Galea
Thomas Joseph Galea 23 päeva tagasi
Eddie you are a legend with everything you set out to do and accomplish you smash it all the time. I have been so impressed with your training from day one coming on incredibly fast and strong throughout i live in United Kingdom and can't wait to see you drop Thor make sure the ring is extra re-enforced for when he gets Knocked out much love brother - Tom so excited keep it up Eddie!
bonnie harris
bonnie harris 23 päeva tagasi
I'd love to see a 'reaction video'... of your face when you saw what you look like utilising your new toy! 😂😂😂
derp derp derp
derp derp derp 23 päeva tagasi
U look 10 years younger! Awesome!
BigSpoonBear 23 päeva tagasi
Would be great to see some different dumbbell exercises. You are going to kill it in the ring mate, after that you should go take out Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman
Simon Black
Simon Black 24 päeva tagasi
Thor is looking so good at the moment, his technique looks spot on.
DerParadonym 24 päeva tagasi
info service: Powerball Fakes start at 10 USD/EUR/GBP, Originals start at 20 USD/EUR/GBP, the one in the video starts at 120 USD/EUR/GBP
DerParadonym 24 päeva tagasi
I saw this video. Now I have a powerball, and I ordered a fake one from china which does the autostart function... It's very nice... - Now I need a strap to get this one on my head to do neck training like headbanging on concerts...
Truth Serum
Truth Serum 24 päeva tagasi
Hahahaha Eddie is still 16 years of age upstairs. hahahaha
Jeffrey Labelle
Jeffrey Labelle 24 päeva tagasi
Eddie, we saw your home when you bought it. We all know you been doing construction. Can we get the your now of the house your wife new it could be. Your killing it by the way, love the videos. Watch them all
VORTEX _from_ps
VORTEX _from_ps 24 päeva tagasi
You should do 502 deadlift and beat the person who did 501
Rhys Darlington
Rhys Darlington 24 päeva tagasi
Kyle Conrad
Kyle Conrad 24 päeva tagasi
What about a music video? You reacting to some music suggestions for lifts or what music/bands you prefer to lift to?
Jack Kettless
Jack Kettless 24 päeva tagasi
full day of eating for you both at the minute
mightySheev 24 päeva tagasi
he thinks he training for boxing but spends 3 hours strength training get the fuck outa here😂
splinte111 24 päeva tagasi
can't see the deadlift link in the desc
Sascha Funk
Sascha Funk 24 päeva tagasi
Did you have some Power Twister in your GYM? I also have a Power Ball. That thing is very useful.
TheBurtz 24 päeva tagasi
Absolutely love Eddie and his videos, love the ones with Ross edgley.... make sure you smash Thor
Goggles Tyres and Trainers
Goggles Tyres and Trainers 24 päeva tagasi
I mean this in the best possible way, stop dicking about with a training partner who lets you back him into the corner each time you start throwing combinations with out hitting back, get a decent boxing coach and some big, hard hitting heavy weight sparring partners. Your ring craft is miles from Thor at the moment
Goggles Tyres and Trainers
Goggles Tyres and Trainers 21 päev tagasi
@RoisinT2 no, I don't think he is stupid, but I do think that he has created poor habits through the boxing he is showing. To drop your guard constantly will be difficult to unlearn
RoisinT2 21 päev tagasi
Few questions. Do you Think Eddie is stupid? Do you think, he shows everything he does? Do you think he won't show us only what he want's us and the home gym hero to see.. ? Just think about it a bit..
creepyv13 j
creepyv13 j 24 päeva tagasi
Thor going to kill you if you dont actually start training, lifting weights and badly hitting pads wont help.
Alexander Bratt
Alexander Bratt 24 päeva tagasi
I'm a guitarist, and I watch Eddie hall just for mindset advice. the skills are completely transferable, I love watching him work towards his goals with unwavering consistency and commitment. So although Eddie says there are a lot of home gym workout vids because of the lockdown. this content is still gold dust to me!
Dean Barker
Dean Barker 24 päeva tagasi
How much would your max single rep deadlift be these days Eddie?
Grassguy 24 päeva tagasi
I have no doubt you're gonna hit Thor very hard but I 'm afraid if you don't get on the cardio training you're gonna be ready to pass out after one round. No offense meant.
killerkody gaming
killerkody gaming 24 päeva tagasi
Lmao that’s just a gyro ball. Literally just looks rebranded 😂
Event Horizon Productions
Event Horizon Productions 24 päeva tagasi
Ok. At this point it's REALLY starting to worry me the Eddie still thinks a front jab starts with the hand at the hip.
I S 22 päeva tagasi
@Glenn Whitehead agreed - but hes fighting another shit boxer anyway so its just a brawl and load of nonsense
Glenn Whitehead
Glenn Whitehead 23 päeva tagasi
He’s fighting a man nearly 7ft tall. That Roy Jones jab really won’t work. He’s wasting time lifting weights when he should be working on footwork, balance, keeping his hand up when throwing Punches and just general boxing technique. He already has massive power. If a boxer moved into strongman you wouldn’t see him training boxing much would you! 🤷🏼
Artem Bunin
Artem Bunin 24 päeva tagasi
Use shake weight to supplement the powerball for a more complete workout
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 24 päeva tagasi
I'm sure he is an example of what vikings looked like back then
Tstormer 24 päeva tagasi
i want one of those arm fidget spinners fir grip
Sassamatass 24 päeva tagasi
@7:36 Eddie's O face lol
Thunder puna
Thunder puna 24 päeva tagasi
Thor not gona turn up.
PG JC 24 päeva tagasi
2 best pieces of equipment... Powerball and Shake Weight!
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