Shoulder pump | Q&A

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Team Beast

Amar Gosto
Amar Gosto 27 päeva tagasi
1:20 thanks for giving us a better angle camera woman
Hudson Smachetti
Hudson Smachetti 28 päeva tagasi
eddies become a crossfit strongman
Travis Mellott
Travis Mellott Місяць tagasi
Eddie hall should challenge Logan paul....since Logan Paul likes to challenge randoms...would be so funny and big mony maker for them both I would love to see them fight ...eddie would cripple Logan paul.lmfao
Dj Randle V2
Dj Randle V2 2 місяці tagasi
great suggestions from Eddie regarding keeping fit around the house during covid.... "deadlift the couch, squat with your partner on your back, bench press them! 😷🤣💪
Oliver Towers
Oliver Towers 2 місяці tagasi
Been following you for years ! Huge inspiration funny to talk about keeping going in tough times as if you knew or a message was meant to pass.. but my tough time is now and my time is gym and watching your videos disconnecting and keeping your positivity thank you eddy huge inspiration for me
TheFirst Human
TheFirst Human 2 місяці tagasi
The beast makes working out look so easy, which is why he inspired me to start getting in shape. I love the beast, hope you’ll love yourself and feel the burn like Arnold and The Beast
katana 2 місяці tagasi
he shloulder presses with one arm the weight i can't do on deathlift with both of min, i feel sad.
Wayne nuclhed machine Martin
Wayne nuclhed machine Martin 2 місяці tagasi
What's up Eddie I don't know if you will see this but I'm at a place called World's Gym here in United States and the owners I told him about the dumbbell press machine that's behind your bench and we want to know what is called and where you got it and how we can get it much appreciated if you get back to us
Mcfresh777 2 місяці tagasi
Thanks for your answer to the mental health question Eddie. I needed to hear that. Big inspiration.
Nasro Akka
Nasro Akka 2 місяці tagasi
i miss the old intro better
Duane Scally
Duane Scally 2 місяці tagasi
Great advice on mental health! My wife works on a Mental Health Unit @ our local hospital & conversations help. Most people just want to be heard & not is awesome when someone with a platform such as yours understands & gives acknowledgement to it. I’ve enjoyed you for years & respect you even more for that!!
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie: I think I could maybe pull 400kg off the floor Paddy: bAbY wEiGhT 🥴🤧 Me: .........
Beeze Beeze
Beeze Beeze 2 місяці tagasi
Best WSM presser no doubt!!! 72.5kg an not even in his prime..True Beast
Ole Kristian Støverstein
Ole Kristian Støverstein 2 місяці tagasi
4-5 protein shakes per day is overkill
Simon Kenyon
Simon Kenyon 2 місяці tagasi
"deadlift a couch" 😂
kewlhand_87 S1kR
kewlhand_87 S1kR 2 місяці tagasi
So true about the mental benefits of fitness Eddie, well said.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 2 місяці tagasi
It's cool Eddie you can only use punch at a time on Thor's head any way.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 2 місяці tagasi
There are a ton of workouts you can do at home, even when I lived in a small single room attic. If you can find enough floor space (2m by 1m is enough), you can do a pretty full workout, zero equipment needed. But obviously if you go to the gym for the social side, there is no substitute
Mmafan35 0
Mmafan35 0 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie!! I took 8 scoops of pre workout this morning and had a great workout/cooling down/post meal etc etc.. but to make a long story short yesterday evening i already had a big meal & the 8 scoops took a toll on my tummy and i laid the biggest turd in my toilet.. SO BIG it deserved a name............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. thor 🤟 peace and good Luck with the fight.
Jobayer Ibne
Jobayer Ibne 2 місяці tagasi
Oh my god
Just fun
Just fun 2 місяці tagasi
I'm from India and I'm watching 'strongest man in the world' show
M B 2 місяці tagasi
Thanks. 👊🏻🧡🇨🇦
Cade Churchill
Cade Churchill 2 місяці tagasi
Hero and inspiration. You have saved the lives of people you will probably never even meet, including mine. Keep doing your thing big man!!
444age 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie, I'd love to see some shot put, juvenile throw, or discus throw...
JD 2 місяці tagasi
13:55 By the end it was like he was asking Boxing on a date 😂
Tez Whitby
Tez Whitby 2 місяці tagasi
Thanks Eddie, great words by a great man.
BiGBoYBLaZie2 2 місяці tagasi
My ex absolutely loves you and would love for her to meet you one day
R A 2 місяці tagasi
When the going gets tough the tough get going.
I Am Thunderhawk
I Am Thunderhawk 2 місяці tagasi
I'm curious, being lactose intolerant you're okay with whey protein? It really bloats me (also lactose intolerant)
bdegrds 2 місяці tagasi
Other intro is better
Jody Hancock
Jody Hancock 2 місяці tagasi
Watch out Thor Eddie's coming for u 🥊🥊😎
Silentx173 2 місяці tagasi
Hey Eddie just bought some MyProtein using your discount code looking forward to try it!
Chris Scena
Chris Scena 2 місяці tagasi
Maybe change Cluck Norris' name to Thor.
Talloran_Slade Gaming
Talloran_Slade Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie, you are my idol when it comes to training, even more so now that you bring mental health into the picture. You are a great man and be sure to hit Thor hard right in his big head.
mihi m
mihi m 2 місяці tagasi
covid is a harmess flue, tbh, dont talk about things you have no idea about.
Nick Fledderus
Nick Fledderus 2 місяці tagasi
Damn that last question hit home! Thanks for the nice words Ed!
Anton 2 місяці tagasi
Damn I always liked Eddie but he really grew on me now talking with so much sense about mental health and anger management. That was some solid advice!
The Daily Grind Channel• Sam
The Daily Grind Channel• Sam 2 місяці tagasi
Why does paddys muscles never grow🤣
BaconLettuceMeta 2 місяці tagasi
Kenny KO wants to fight the winner of the Beast and Thor fight... That guy is brain dead. Eddie would probably hurt Kenny in a very bad way.
DoktorM 2 місяці tagasi
will you have some test fight in meantime?
Nico Hilliger
Nico Hilliger 2 місяці tagasi
I would love to see you fighting Thor in another profession after you knocked him down in the boxing match. Like a Karate match or smth :D
Martin Johansson
Martin Johansson 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie doing hours of training a day for months, "I think I need to rest the dominant boxing arm one day" lol
John Tsiam
John Tsiam 2 місяці tagasi
The last portion of the video helped a lot 1 month roughly lockdown in greece and i started having anxiety and panic attacks i was always a perosn with busy lifestyle and that silence is starting to get me , but as you said tough times pass tough people stay big love for the beast john from greece !
Aaron F
Aaron F 2 місяці tagasi
My man said you can deadlift a couch 🤣
Darren B
Darren B 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie I think it’s about time you started sparring and getting some real experience in the ring
bjourney88 2 місяці tagasi
Can we get a reaction video on Tyson Vs Jones Jr
UnicornKid72 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie's CV will be mad by the time he's 50, world's strongest man and heavyweight champion 🤯
Hunter Sartori
Hunter Sartori 2 місяці tagasi
you are looking damn amazing Eddy I can't wait to see you knock thors head off
bjourney88 2 місяці tagasi
Would you consider a training match against mike tyson ?
bjourney88 2 місяці tagasi
ive never had a inteterest in boxing until now. Mike Tyson made a return. And you and thor is having a match. i am following both of you. but my money is on you Eddie !
Sam Fannin
Sam Fannin 2 місяці tagasi
Thor's next video "shoulder pumping with both arms"
Eternaïls M
Eternaïls M 2 місяці tagasi
Nice words in the end good looking out my boi
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright 2 місяці tagasi
Is it just me does anyone want to see what pats max lift are aswell?
Ryan Armalig
Ryan Armalig 2 місяці tagasi
When will u start sparring opponents
Jaideep singh
Jaideep singh 2 місяці tagasi
bro come to dubai for training and to avoid lockdown.
irish_ Toker420
irish_ Toker420 2 місяці tagasi
Jake Paul's gonna call you out 😂
SQAUSH MELON GAMING HD 2 місяці tagasi
The other intro song is better
Ties de Koning
Ties de Koning 2 місяці tagasi
The OLd intro hits different this one is kinda wack
Blue Neptune
Blue Neptune 2 місяці tagasi
Tell Alex to go online and get 5 Cochin hens -there like giant calm tribbles that lay an egg a day.
Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie is gonna hand Bryan is fresh eggs 😂
Newport 2 місяці tagasi
Hey eddie can you do a video on your steroid cycle
Luke McDonald
Luke McDonald 2 місяці tagasi
When is the big fight on??
james baron
james baron 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie professional boxer Thor still learns how to breathe when sitting down
Dually 1013
Dually 1013 2 місяці tagasi
Matt Rhodes and me are having a debate I just curious to know if u have checked out any of his videos
Dywers Collapsed Pocket
Dywers Collapsed Pocket 2 місяці tagasi
Thor is gonna destroy you.
chop stix
chop stix 2 місяці tagasi
imagine you go in to try your hand at an amateur boxing match and they put eddie in the ring for you to fight...
Matthew Clary
Matthew Clary 2 місяці tagasi
Gonna be so much bull if they get in the ring dance through the rounds and give em both belts like the Tyson fight lol
BullZEye 2 місяці tagasi
Yo Eddie! Wanted to use your most recent video for this comment. But.. Your gonna FUCK UP Bjorn, dude already got HIT with lightening, Don't kill him! Go for the BODY, make him QUIT. Then when he gets up off one knee to shake ur hand after the match. Set your gloves in his hands and walk away 😎
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph 2 місяці tagasi
I never gamble, but if I did my money would be on Eddie to beat Thor... He seems more focused, and dedicated...
Alan Cropsey
Alan Cropsey 2 місяці tagasi
Love watching you Eddie but you have to stop swallowing like that lol sounds like you’re swallowing a huge gulp of air like that god damn Loch Ness monster lol “you gotta do what works for you *GULLLLLP* *smacks lips* yeah” lmao 🤣 it’s like how people can’t stand the sound of someone chewing. Eddie the beast!!!!!
Caleb Tapp
Caleb Tapp 2 місяці tagasi
What a way to end a vid
Andrew Gilbertson
Andrew Gilbertson 2 місяці tagasi
Don't count your chickens ref fight!
Christian Adams
Christian Adams 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie doesn't even need to throw a punch to kick his ass. All he needs to say is already beat your ass
Jaden McCoy
Jaden McCoy 2 місяці tagasi
I like the questions
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor 2 місяці tagasi
Beast of a man with a massive heart
TheKoosh420 2 місяці tagasi
Having mental health problems is shitty as hell. The pandemic completely fucked my depression which also fucked my weight after losing it in turn making things worse. Its good though seeing someone understand and hopefully this bullshit ends soon before people start to break.
Tearing1000 2 місяці tagasi
Where has the " On top of the mountain" intro song gone? Me and my girlfriend sing it everytime we hear it 😂😂
Joseph Rowell
Joseph Rowell 2 місяці tagasi
i completely agree about the mental health aspect outweighing covid risks.
Christian Dawson
Christian Dawson 2 місяці tagasi
Oh c’mon Eddie it’s no worse than the flu. Stop going off I info you’re spoon fed
Brock Meade
Brock Meade 2 місяці tagasi
3rd leading cause of death in the US. Kinda a big deal
Roger Miller
Roger Miller 2 місяці tagasi
I like how much he addressed mental health in this episode. We need more people especially men discussing these topics
luke rood
luke rood 2 місяці tagasi
Love big beast
Andrew Timms
Andrew Timms 2 місяці tagasi
My favourite shoulder exercise is the Arnold press. Old school.
A Pert
A Pert 2 місяці tagasi
What happened to the old music? Preferred it to the new tune tbh
Zentus 2 місяці tagasi
Question: have you thought about any sparing partners, not just punching bags
Scotty :
Scotty : 2 місяці tagasi
You can bench your missus or deadlift the setee.... lol
Rick Morks
Rick Morks 2 місяці tagasi
Deadlift your couch, squat with your sister on your back I mean yeah but lmao
Andrew Goss
Andrew Goss 2 місяці tagasi
I used to have a tractor with a welded guard on front and I’d deadlift that for some fun. It’s around 400lbs in the front.
Bärliner_Mustang 2 місяці tagasi
Shoulder strength is INSANE!
Sherkory 2 місяці tagasi
So eat one of the roosters and you'll have 1 male and 1 female and there you go, and then find 1 more female and you will have hopefully have 2 eggs ever couple days
Liam Lawrence
Liam Lawrence 2 місяці tagasi
I seen you on tv show
Shivraj Patel
Shivraj Patel 2 місяці tagasi
Plz share current nutrition
Lew-e 2 місяці tagasi
everyone should be against it. This is all bullshit. lets punish the healthy for the sake of a tiny minority. How about those folks who are susceptible to the illness take the appropriate risks and let the rest of us deal with it. Hint, I had it and I have an autoimmune disease and recovered flawlessly. My wife is 7 months pregnant and she only lost taste and smell. Our son is 2 and he didnt even catch it. Its all about controlling the population of the world. If you don't believe me, check for yourself.
M_Z_a_W_c 2 місяці tagasi
I love Eddie so much cause he's very cocky and confident except he knows he can back up everything he says and doesn't say it if he knows he cant
Alisha Banks
Alisha Banks 2 місяці tagasi
Thor making the next step taking on a professional boxer 13/1 👏👏👊🏼 Whilst this Muppet is still training like a clown and stomping around the ring clearly doing nothing more than trying to tickle Paddy Pea head 🤣🤣 Eddie you're getting smashed kid.
Thomas Chan
Thomas Chan 2 місяці tagasi
thank you eddie, you are such an amazing human being, stay safe
mufcgibbo 2 місяці tagasi
That is awful advice if your injured you recover get physio etc u dont continue to train an injury
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson 2 місяці tagasi
Love your view on mental health man! awesome vid.
Niko Godless
Niko Godless 2 місяці tagasi
The chicken Story made my day. 🥰
adambomb101100 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie's a frick'n inspiration and just an amazing man! This is a video I needed.... thank you.
Papa_Romero 2 місяці tagasi
Definitely not the type of video I came for, but a really strong message about mental health that I enjoy. It is sometimes easy to forget what the gym experience really is.
Sam Mod
Sam Mod 2 місяці tagasi
Are you serious about the gym if you’re not talking about getting a “Hit of protein”
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