Technique Sparring session | Boxing update

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Team Beast

Brian Hankins
Brian Hankins 21 tund tagasi
Could the ring be any smaller he needs to learn movement and footwork you cant do that in a telephone booth
Callan Mckenna
Callan Mckenna Päev tagasi
25 stone be careful you dont give ur self a heart attack
R K 2 päeva tagasi
Eddir and Thor box like old people f**k.
Danny Skundric
Danny Skundric 2 päeva tagasi
Don't be doing any diving
Keith Middleton
Keith Middleton 3 päeva tagasi
there is no nowt the Beast has the power and the techniques or good maybe hands need to come and ok its no good getting hit in the head at this point but you should be taking body shots (body conditioning) body shots wont weaken the the body they will strengthen and get you used to getting hit 40% to the body and take it up 10% every week until your sparring at around 60/70% and then bring in head shots at 20% and repeat the process otherwise well done Eddie
Future Stha
Future Stha 3 päeva tagasi
this is just bullshit hafthor will kill eddie, this is just a joke, the other guy is paid to get hit and throw actual punch towards eddie, this is like a comedy standup show i almost fell from my chair laughing so hard. fucking eddie will get his ass kicked by hafthor, VAL HALLA THOR!!!
Sen Sam
Sen Sam 3 päeva tagasi
Thor's doing exhibition matches against professionals while Eddie is abusing literal human punching bags.... Now, to be fair they have totally different styles. Thor plays long and relies on reach, he uses short combos and single jabs, has decent defense with his hands (except when throws punches, then he leaves himself wide open to counters), and is very damage-averse. Eddie is an AGGRESSIVE pressure fighter that drives his opponent into the corner, he uses extremely long combos made up of power shots, relies on head movement for his defense, and doesn't seemed concerned at all about eating a punch if it means he can land three. Overall, I would say Thor has more finesse and is learning the sweet science of boxing, while Eddie is an aggressive brawler. And to be honest, I think if they met in the ring today Eddie's brawling would beat Thor's boxing by a LOT. But there is a short ceiling to brawling, and a much higher one to finessing a fight. Maybe over the next 6 months Thor's boxing can improve, but maybe not. I do think if they faced off in a longer time frame, two years for example, Thor would be miles ahead of Eddie. But in six months? I think Eddie is going to hurt Thor....
Bryce Aquatics Fish tanks
Bryce Aquatics Fish tanks 4 päeva tagasi
Y he fighting like he’s weak he think it would like he could put more power in his punch’s
Ciaran McCormack
Ciaran McCormack 5 päeva tagasi
First 4 minutes of the video spends time drilling combo’s. Straight into a sparring session and instantly forgets all combos drilled
Kadeem Sims
Kadeem Sims 4 päeva tagasi
Exactly his sparring reactions should be same as drills combos but nope Eddie Hall doesn't give a fuck about real boxing.
Helpo Tty
Helpo Tty 6 päeva tagasi
Like mike Tyson said if the sparring partners aren't hurting him there sacked
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 6 päeva tagasi
He cannot box end of, good he is fighting another strongman and not a boxer, he would get knocked out in no time! Slow predictable, terrible footwork, and so on .........
Kadeem Sims
Kadeem Sims 4 päeva tagasi
I like Eddie but first time he spar a boxer he getting his ass whooped. Can't look good or cool in boxing without learning first. Gotta take ass whooping to learn its nothing pretty he won't look like the man.
homestay thailand
homestay thailand 6 päeva tagasi
Thors sparring partner was pretty good this guy eddie was with was crap thor is actually pretty good eddie may even lose
Francesca Chainey
Francesca Chainey 9 päeva tagasi
Through this whole thing, all I was thinking was "keep your f*cking guard up!"
Juan olivaerz-ibarra
Juan olivaerz-ibarra 9 päeva tagasi
I'll be your personal sparring partner 6 ft 5 305 and could take a pretty good hit please email me it would be an honor
Mason Nealgrove
Mason Nealgrove 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone’s moaning at his sparring partner but you can see it’s just a tech spar where the other guy is only allowed to use his jab and not his right hand and it’s all about him throwing it and Eddie countering
Marco Sorrentino
Marco Sorrentino 10 päeva tagasi
That was a one-sided beating. Man, I dunno how that guy is still coming to camp after that.
Kmoc 10 päeva tagasi
am i the only one that sees them steaming?
John Price
John Price 11 päeva tagasi
Well done Big Man Eddie for your efforts go back to basics hands up lead with solid Jab follow through with Bombs and learn to throw Hooks good luck take THOR out,
Elvis Depresley
Elvis Depresley 11 päeva tagasi
Big fan of Eddie but he seriously needs better sparing partners. Looks like he is just smashing the shit out of some friends of his
Glenn Carpenter
Glenn Carpenter 12 päeva tagasi
300plus pound he is brace just to do this amount of cardio alone
Dung Master
Dung Master 13 päeva tagasi
He’s absolutely no chance
ch0mper 14 päeva tagasi
eddie moves fast for such a big guy
D H 12 päeva tagasi
Nonsense, I can see those punches from a mile away.
motorcity cobra detroit
motorcity cobra detroit 14 päeva tagasi
Lol! He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
Steven Dent
Steven Dent 16 päeva tagasi
I think as long as Eddie stays aggressive and works the body he's gonna be deadly
Joaquín Chinchi W
Joaquín Chinchi W 17 päeva tagasi
te falta mas ritmo Eddie :V
Lee Harris
Lee Harris 19 päeva tagasi
The best boxers were the ones who could take a punch not the ones who can throw one. Can't train somebody to take a punch.
Joel Briggs
Joel Briggs 20 päeva tagasi
Both Eddie and Thor need technical refinement, both are doing well but both need to spar properly and lose the "yes men" get coaches that'll drill you for any sign of bad form. And Eddie C'mon man you need to spar someone with more confidence against a guy your size
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 20 päeva tagasi
Eddie belts go round ya waist pal. Only Girls have belts that high bud. No probs am here to help. Haha
Emily Soanes
Emily Soanes 21 päev tagasi
Max O'Neill
Max O'Neill 21 päev tagasi
Not very good skill, but he's a mile ahead of Hafthor! It's not even close skill wise
Connell Macquisten
Connell Macquisten 21 päev tagasi
Being his pad man would suck
logan murphy
logan murphy 21 päev tagasi
Always keep the hands up Eddie. Plz
Devin Gearhart
Devin Gearhart 22 päeva tagasi
that is one big man to have swinging at you gear or not xD
Im done texting
Im done texting 22 päeva tagasi
Relax more Eddie, study James Toney. Good luck champ!
The Philosophical Pugilist
The Philosophical Pugilist 23 päeva tagasi
Definitely need to bring some boxers in to keep Eddie honest and encourage good habits defensively. Get some good amateurs in they dont need to beat Eddie up either just raise the standard. If you train with better quality when you come up against Thor will be a piece of piss. He's working in this footage so conditioning wise it's good but it's a lot of blood an thunder I would like to see a more methodical approach if it is indeed tech sparring, again use boxers to tech spar with then you will improve on the specific things you're working on because when you get it wrong you'll be punished . Got to give huge credit to Eddie though I can imagine how hard it is to transition from being a strong man to boxing being soo big an having all that muscle memory that goes into strong man. Boxing is a complete different muscle memory an takes years really to become second nature.
alfie wilson
alfie wilson 24 päeva tagasi
Need to get your hands up lad, you’re the smaller guy. You’re going to need a higher guard to help you close the distance and block Thor lead hand.
xSabriel 24 päeva tagasi
can you fucking imagine that walking towards you in a ring jesus wept.
PennyRoyal T
PennyRoyal T 26 päeva tagasi
He's gotta get a better jab in for distance and learn ring IQ !.
PennyRoyal T
PennyRoyal T 26 päeva tagasi
Dem0n. You speak 100% truth in what I read. Surprised by Hall's stamina assuming what we see is what we get, which I have too!. He does need a completely independent sparring partner, but as a boxer/ fighter, for once I'm actually looking forward to a fight that isn't boxing related initially. Bored to tears with EEpostr's attempting to break through. I understand that that's where the cash is!. Shame to me!. ✌ bra.
PennyRoyal T
PennyRoyal T 26 päeva tagasi
Gotta love the stokey sense of humour!.
George D
George D 26 päeva tagasi
Sorry Eddie, you are not boxing, you are just throwing random punches at someone who's not hitting back... Keep your guard up, no matter what the training session is about. Thor is tall and fast for his size and has a long reach. You can'd dodge everything.
Carlo Polli
Carlo Polli 26 päeva tagasi
No guard. Gloves are literally on the floor. Against even a seasoned amateur he’d be dropped in seconds.
EMUDroid 26 päeva tagasi
What this sparring partner only allowed to throw jabs 😂😂🤦
okey dokey
okey dokey 26 päeva tagasi
Wow his boxing is crap
Jec Tan
Jec Tan 27 päeva tagasi
The sparring is a pity. All he want is to earn money but he didn't know that he'll battle a beast inside the ring.
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 28 päeva tagasi
I couldnt stop laughing every time he apologize after accidentally hitting him in the face hard poor and brave guy because he was still feeling the power in those body punches lol
anthony 28 päeva tagasi
keep your hands up
Lucas Hosgood
Lucas Hosgood 28 päeva tagasi
Needs a collaboration with akinfenwa
Dawson 28 päeva tagasi
Eddie is so intimidating holy shit! Could you imagine if it was Bryan coming at you like that? Dead
The Visionaries
The Visionaries 29 päeva tagasi
He just hasn’t bothered to learned to box at all. It’s a joke.
B Bs
B Bs 29 päeva tagasi
Eddie hall fan but he's not learning anything here, requires a professional coach and quality competive sparring. Need to see how he reacts 2 pressure and be able to carry out a game plan under fire.
Beccah Allan
Beccah Allan 29 päeva tagasi
Any one notice at the end eddie got steam coming out of his sholders lol
simone caputo
simone caputo 29 päeva tagasi
That is not boxing
SiaticApe 29 päeva tagasi
Jaysus! I hope his human punch bag, I mean sparring partner gets hazard pay! I mean, he's an effing big bloke himself but even he has to just cover up when Eddie throws. They need someone who has similar mass to take the blows better and help train the technique on a target that is not just recoiling. Will help with movement right? I mean, Eddie is only 20KG off being being double the weight of An entry-weight sized super heavyweight, and has all that mass to put behind his punches. I'd love to see it but I wonder would any pro actually get in the ring with him? I mean who would be able to bulk up enough? They'd have potentially greater reach, mobility and technique because of the slighter frames, and have damage potential themselves, but those punches from The Beast in say 18oz gloves are going to bloody hurt anyone with more normal dimensions. He'd not have to land many at all. Very excited to see how this all progresses. He's a determined guy!
Steve Riley
Steve Riley 29 päeva tagasi
The beast needs some help hope pro boxes cue up and get behind him. Needs to get his hands up start working on jab getting comfortable with leading with the jab fainting setting up little traps etc I do like the low body work needs some movement though or easy to counter but I think that would cause thor trouble he has a high guard and would bring it down so step to the side rather than lunge forward straight and dig it in under his elbow. But all said done cant wait for the big day.
Elliott Sykes
Elliott Sykes Місяць tagasi
for everyone insisting his offense is good even tho his defense is ass, offense and defense tie into eachother, if eddie throws one of those punches and it gets dodged hes going to go down fast.
Elliott Sykes
Elliott Sykes Місяць tagasi
and not to mention everytime he misses he stumbles and has a huge rebound time, doesnt bring his hands back to his face, hell get rocked boxing like that
L 2
L 2 Місяць tagasi
That right hook body shot will send Thor to the ER
bosserator thinkere
bosserator thinkere Місяць tagasi
I would love to spare with Eddie
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts Місяць tagasi
Impressive how fit he is for such a big fella... can't box to save his life though.
Evan S
Evan S Місяць tagasi
"Sorry" - Eddie Hall 2020
Jacob Stott
Jacob Stott Місяць tagasi
Eddie is gonna get destroyed by Thor if he fights like this. He has get his hands up because Thor will actually fight back unlike this human punching-bag. He needs to get a skilled sparring partner who is extremely tall (like Tyson Fury).
Stephanie Shapiro
Stephanie Shapiro Місяць tagasi
7:05 Patrick has literal steam coming off him!?!?!?! Damn
Bryan Mcnaught
Bryan Mcnaught Місяць tagasi
Eddie needs to learn to fight on the inside against a bigger man I’m genuinely worried he’s being set up for a fall here with a serious lack of coaching
YOUTUBER DUBLE G Місяць tagasi
YOUTUBER DUBLE G Місяць tagasi
Get few lesson from iron mike himself
YOUTUBER DUBLE G Місяць tagasi
Dont be so heavy on feet up right shoulders back lean in and out with faster jabs dont put power into it just put speed in ya jabs and feel that fire and keep ya guard up and head out of range u wil be naughty
Damien Austin
Damien Austin Місяць tagasi
Stick to lifting weights your going to embarrass your self in the ring after watching this I’m sure even jake Paul would have no problem taking you out
TUFF GUY RIO Місяць tagasi
Eddie has to get his hands up. He has to stay composed and not start throwing a lot of meaningless punches because it will have him tired in the real fight. He also needs to work on throwing punches. His punches aren’t straight and he telegraphing them.
Adam Nichols
Adam Nichols Місяць tagasi
whats the point of this? you're not learning anything using someone as a punching bag with no pressure on you. If anything thats teaching you bad habbits. I'm impressed with your current fitness though not going to lie! Although its a different story when someones hitting you with body shots taking the energy out of you. If you don't want to Spar yet atleast get a real boxer in who can dodge your shots so you have to think about your movement etc.
Diarrhea Bubble Bath
Diarrhea Bubble Bath Місяць tagasi
Need a proper sparring partner
B Williamson
B Williamson Місяць tagasi
He is shit, just big and strong. He's ope all day to left hand to the body, and right to chin. I have over 6 years experience 6ft 1" 89kg, I'd move, make him miss all day in a proper size ring.
MARS Місяць tagasi
i remember the ring... and still the the when they are trying to kill u its not good if ure drunk xD
Richard Mills
Richard Mills Місяць tagasi
Keep your fucking hands up Eddie You’re not Connor Mcgregor
Shredd Dead
Shredd Dead Місяць tagasi
His technique doesn’t seem very good. I love Eddie hall as a lifter but....His hands are down by his hips all the time, throwing haymakers, showboating against his sparring partner that is obviously holding back?
ecosby100 Місяць tagasi
He leaves him self more open then a 7-11
charlie west
charlie west Місяць tagasi
As soon as he said he would grab my neck i had to subscribe
Kevin Houghton
Kevin Houghton Місяць tagasi
His coach has supposedly 25 - 30 years of boxing experience but hasn't pulled him up on his guard ( or lack of it ) once. Your defence is your foundation, real basic stuff.
Kevin Houghton
Kevin Houghton Місяць tagasi
His coach has supposedly 25 - 30 years of boxing experience but hasn't pulled him up on his guard ( or lack of it ) once. Your defence is your foundation, real basic stuff.
jezreel john johnson
jezreel john johnson Місяць tagasi
Am I the only who subscribed when he said hell grab my neck?...
Norm Durkin
Norm Durkin Місяць tagasi
..trying to figure out who looks worse Eddie or Thor..?
Oliver Dorsett
Oliver Dorsett Місяць tagasi
Fuck matey boys not even doing fuck all eddy aint got no foot work and no guard up and you can easily time his punches.why dont he do what thor and have a real warm up fight.because this bloke lives with eddy and trains him and looks a bit fake to be honest in the way the other big lad is moving away and not throwing bk.bullshit lol
Marek Kram
Marek Kram Місяць tagasi
Eddy your gard needs to be up more it's never up! If you keep to this its going to help you more trust me !
Mark Trujillo
Mark Trujillo Місяць tagasi
He needs to Spar someone as big as Thor
Mark Trujillo
Mark Trujillo Місяць tagasi
Spar Andy Ruiz!!!
ALI G Місяць tagasi
Hey Eddie, the night before you K.O. Thor you should ask Mateusz for some of his Toffee that offers max hydration and power 💪🏻
brian anderson
brian anderson Місяць tagasi
As said before keeping them hands down could be your downfall... Ano it's only sparring BUT you should be starting as you mean to go on... Yes your arms will get heavy but you must get used to the burn and push through it..
Rovaniik Місяць tagasi
That poor dude
Ewol Mullac
Ewol Mullac Місяць tagasi
if you put your head down and try avoiding shots like you did not keeping your hands up like in this he will take your head off. You are in good shape! I like the way you are picking shots and it’s all coming together! Keep it up Eddie!
Letailleur Romain
Letailleur Romain Місяць tagasi
you will kill haftor you don't have the same level.he will regret having offered you a fight
rodney quinn
rodney quinn Місяць tagasi
If the dude steps in to spar with Eddie then his set his grave you know the boy knows what his doing, Eddie even apologises and does feel bad it's not bullying, it's part of the sport so ignor them Edd work hard
Anthony Speers
Anthony Speers Місяць tagasi
Who's this pudding he's sparring
Dodge M
Dodge M Місяць tagasi
It looks like Patrick is being used as a punching bag to help Eddie get used to punching. Once his coach is happy Eddie has the basics down I think he will bring in a professional sparring partner as there are boxers out there who offer such services to boxing gyms and those learning to box.
King Mike
King Mike Місяць tagasi
No offense to anyone but I gotta admit its kinda funny watching body builders box😂
sean kelly
sean kelly Місяць tagasi
And what’s with the Fisher Price ring??
sean kelly
sean kelly Місяць tagasi
If his sparring partner knew how to box they wouldn’t need to fear Eddies power. This guy has no business in the ring as a sparring partner. And Eddie should be wearing 18oz gloves too btw geezus.
sean kelly
sean kelly Місяць tagasi
Eddie should be wearing heavier gloves too. Guarantee this dude has a concussion. 100%
motorcity cobra detroit
motorcity cobra detroit 14 päeva tagasi
From the weak arm punches?
John Barron
John Barron Місяць tagasi
I've gotta say Eddie appears very agile and explosive with his hands, and his head movement is quite crisp too. And he has a very efficient kinetic chain. No energy wasted at all. Just pure sledgehammer action on those pads. Though I would like to see him float around on his feet more like Muhammad Ali. If he can master that while delivering this kind of devastating power, then I don't see the fight in September lasting very long.
Colin Riches
Colin Riches Місяць tagasi
Theoretically a normal size guy could beat either of these. Just keep running away (within the ring) when they get knackered and are about to collapse, quickly punch them and you could score a KO ☺
It is what It is
It is what It is Місяць tagasi
People complaining about his hands .. chill out lol ... let him learn .. he is doing great, he has a coach and he is a powerful man if he gets caught he will be able to handle it .. he will tidy up his punches with practice.. if your all experienced fighters making these comments you would of remembered that was once you who was swinging and getting hit coz your weak defence etc ... just allow him to flow
Tago Mago
Tago Mago Місяць tagasi
Watched Thors exhibition and he was ok. Looked in far better condition than Eddie by a long way. Neither guy knows how to throw a punch properly and if Eddie leaves his guard down like he does here he'll get spanked. Needs someone to tell him the truth instead of kissing his arse. Thats the only way he'll learn to box properly. Needs proper sparring
Eddie Hall & Thor Are DANGEROUS.
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