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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Team Beast

Jordan Millar
Jordan Millar Місяць tagasi
Anybody know where I can get the wrist straps he uses the BEAST ones can’t see them on his site
Mike Olivo
Mike Olivo 2 місяці tagasi
All eddies vodeos make me wanna work out. But I'm quarantined and to sick to do anything
Silent Bob
Silent Bob 2 місяці tagasi
That machine is skookum as fuck!
Evan Hunt
Evan Hunt 2 місяці tagasi
Holy shit, Patty can clean with such finesse
Wajang 2 місяці tagasi
Thor is training with Bas Rutte, getting serious. Will you do exhibition fights with boxers.
Luke yeet
Luke yeet 2 місяці tagasi
What happend to the lockdown
Alex DuWaldt
Alex DuWaldt 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone else click on this video hoping it said "World's Strongest Stripper?"
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 2 місяці tagasi
That lady next to you guys on the stepper, looked pretty scared😂 Insane you pulled that off 💪
Stew Powell
Stew Powell 2 місяці tagasi
Ha ha you can see how posh the place is they are showing the golf on the TV 🤣😂
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2 2 місяці tagasi
O n T h e T o p O f T h e M o u n t a i n !
C.M.Y 2 місяці tagasi
That’s stepper thing was really tough, keep it up big man.
C.M.Y 2 місяці tagasi
9:24 Patric just got a steroid injection on his left shoulder.
mr munson
mr munson 2 місяці tagasi
You get told off for dropping weights, but you don’t if you get on the stairclimber with your mate on your back holding a barbell next to a glass window in what looks like the first or second floor lol 😂
Stefan Duivenvoorden
Stefan Duivenvoorden 2 місяці tagasi
Just imagin... walkin into your posh gym for your normal workout and seeing a mamoth of a man who you have never seen there workingout with 50 kg dumbels
Alexis Osler
Alexis Osler 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie: I don't want to risk injury before the big fight Also Eddie: . . .
Jhonny Sport
Jhonny Sport 2 місяці tagasi
Everyone in the gym: "wow Eddie is so STRONG!" . meanwhile the stepper that he's on: (SOBS)" am I a joke to you?!" . 🤣🤣
panos kevre
panos kevre 2 місяці tagasi
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. 2 місяці tagasi
@2:09 not “who is that?” more like “what is that?”
Bonecrusher35 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie, youre a very handsome man... I wonder how much he weighs now?
Barto Bruintjes
Barto Bruintjes 2 місяці tagasi
It isn't nice that people call you a beast. You are very kind and have your heart on the right place.
BD 23
BD 23 2 місяці tagasi
This is a gym/strip club
vesa ekroos
vesa ekroos 2 місяці tagasi
Paddys light Weight🏅
Legend5 2 місяці tagasi
Do we this gym not wear masks😷😷😷 COVID??
raymond blood
raymond blood 2 місяці tagasi
an injury caused by youtube video may end the fight game avoid injury and get sparring hard you need sparring in fight game
v312ym34n 2 місяці tagasi
This is the sort of silliness I once expected of Juji and Tom. Also, carrying that much weight and balancing requires quite a lot of strength from both of them lol.
Wilson Pickett
Wilson Pickett 2 місяці tagasi
Go to thailand and train muay thai
AJ wolf1
AJ wolf1 2 місяці tagasi
10:00 everyone : the lighting may cause epilepsy bruv The weeknd : oooooo i am blinded by the lights
YouTube LOKI PUBG 2 місяці tagasi
This guy Eddie yeah him he is a fkin Beast💪💥
Mosie Romano
Mosie Romano 2 місяці tagasi
Lady on the step machine: "Yobbos..." I bet she and her friend Ethel will definitely have something to talk about over tea later.
Mosie Romano
Mosie Romano 2 місяці tagasi
Bruhh im surprised the machine didn't break lmao
Lopez0278 2 місяці tagasi
Thought the title was "Worlds strongest Stripper"...
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 2 місяці tagasi
LimitIsIllusion 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie and the stepper itself both hold the world's strongest stepper title.
LimitIsIllusion 2 місяці tagasi
That was honestly incredibly dangerous, lmao
Martin Williams
Martin Williams 2 місяці tagasi
Thing I love most about Eddie is no airs or graces
BASSIN’ NISSAN 2 місяці tagasi
Them disco dildos from the ceiling would drive me nuts!! It’s a gym not a dance club 🤦‍♂️ then again I’m not yuppy, otherwise looks like a fine place haha
Nicolle Abbott
Nicolle Abbott 2 місяці tagasi
You and Paddy the banter between you is hilarious 🤣
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 місяці tagasi
My g big arm challenge
Lil John
Lil John 2 місяці tagasi
told off for "making noise" thats a gym not a library lmao... as if people care
Gaurav Nagare
Gaurav Nagare 2 місяці tagasi
I don't understand i have watched this Vlog a Few days ago but this is posted new ,How is this Possible, did he Removed the old video and posted it again ? Plzz let me know if anyone has watched this vlog few days ago
redouanjaik 2 місяці tagasi
thats a wierd kind of night club vibie gym
Maluni 2
Maluni 2 2 місяці tagasi
Can you do a video vs arm wrestlers ?
Logan X
Logan X 2 місяці tagasi
I’m waiting for someone to say where is your mask ?? Wear it or get out lmao
Ryan Harper
Ryan Harper 2 місяці tagasi
I wish Eddie would produce training guides that have the exercises that he recommends and the number of reps he recommends for each one, that would really sell well
Joe Minett-Searle
Joe Minett-Searle 2 місяці tagasi
Did anyone in there realise they were training next to the WSM
Juan Pretorius
Juan Pretorius 2 місяці tagasi
Rumour has it, they want to put eddie on a vegan diet to make it a fair fight
Gladiatus MINIMUS
Gladiatus MINIMUS 2 місяці tagasi
people allways talk about the Beast.. and with good reason. but lets take a minute to talk about patty! insane strength too .. have a nice day people :)
jason smith
jason smith 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie you mite as well take it easy now I’ve just watched Thor training lol he’s struggling to do push ups now the peds have worn off lol
mark pape
mark pape 2 місяці tagasi
Ok Eddie, a diet that will shrink that worm call your intestine back to a managable size your need a blender i used a nutribullet but use what ever, blend a, apple, banana, handful of kale, handful of spinach, handful of frozen raspberries or strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, half a cooked beetroot, scoop of whey (chocolate bassed), add water, mix, someone mysize i recommend drinking 3 to 4 times a day, you 4 to 5, then at night have a small portion of what ever you want to eat, cut out the butter no more, and cut out as much pure suger as possible, do this diet for 1 to 2 month at a time, you still got year's in you, you just have to want them.
Dimitra Lemoni
Dimitra Lemoni 2 місяці tagasi
Greek fans gather up 😉🇬🇷❤️
Bethany Robinson Crossfit
Bethany Robinson Crossfit 2 місяці tagasi
I would love to get you guys in for some barbell sessions. That’s serious weight on the clean and jerk. If you improved your technique you’d both be insanely strong in that lift 🙌🏻
Chicago Crazyy
Chicago Crazyy 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine Eddie, Brian, Robert, and nick working as movers and making the job look so easy. Just a thought haha
Stealth 2 місяці tagasi
Wow u carried him Im amazed
Michael Collyer
Michael Collyer 2 місяці tagasi
He is going to fuck thor up lol
Cody Schadegg
Cody Schadegg 2 місяці tagasi
Man, it's well known how strong Eddie is, but Paddy is no joke strong also!
Bradley Fenton
Bradley Fenton 2 місяці tagasi
Quick question mainly for the thor versus eddie is that a winner gets the 7 figure and loser gets a smaller amount or do both competitors get 7 figures at the end of the end of the fight
Smart Bot Marketers
Smart Bot Marketers 2 місяці tagasi
Have you ever thought about Strength Wars?
Smart Bot Marketers
Smart Bot Marketers 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie Hall vs The Faceless
Smart Bot Marketers
Smart Bot Marketers 2 місяці tagasi
When you do dumbbell bench, why do you do one arm at a time? Seems like an injury risk. Am I missing something?
James Todd
James Todd 2 місяці tagasi
Plus stability holding the other for shoulders
James Todd
James Todd 2 місяці tagasi
Isolation targets the pec better
stevie 1
stevie 1 2 місяці tagasi
eddie you must be the fittest man on the planet your weight , do a bit of hill walking you will feel like superman ,hopefully i can get a bet on you when you fight thor ,your a furking cert,
Luc 2 місяці tagasi
Pls go to a slapping contest
David Hannah
David Hannah 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie has there ever been a jar you couldnt open lol
ruby420 2 місяці tagasi
This man is terfiing
Warren Forde
Warren Forde 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie: Carrying Paddy, plus 140KG Barbell and walking on the stepper. Whips around afterwards..."Haha, I told ya" Paddy: From just trying to stabilise the Barbell. Curled up and out of breath..."That was so tough". Gotta love these silly crazy challenges, very entertaining! Not making light of what Paddy did, that alone is very difficult, but Eddie is on another stratosphere.
weedfreer 2 місяці tagasi
What you were doing with Paddy on your shoulders is what you need to be doing on a bunch of uphill runs. That Thor bloke is one solid lump all said and done...if your ass hasnt the power to push back against it and continue to do so throughout the fight, you’re gonna be disabled from the waist down by round 4
weedfreer 2 місяці tagasi
Not heavy enough....just do more of it..same gains, just longer to get there.
Liz Offhaus
Liz Offhaus 2 місяці tagasi
Does Eddie drink the whey protein in the middle of a workout?? That wouldn't sit with me mid workout 😬
wvXvxvXvw 2 місяці tagasi
You waited until after the workout when his sausage and beans were sweaty and damp to let him sit on your shoulders?
Lord K
Lord K 2 місяці tagasi
Oberst would call you out for half reppin
francois cote
francois cote 2 місяці tagasi
it would be very good in circus show
LeoVi 1452
LeoVi 1452 2 місяці tagasi
I Love Animals!
Taj Singh
Taj Singh 2 місяці tagasi
You need different sparring partners
Rhys Smith
Rhys Smith 2 місяці tagasi
This is why guys die younger than women 😂
ILikeGAMESish 2 місяці tagasi
Come on Eddie, you know you're not stepping correctly unless each of your legs are on a different stepper machine and you've got a person on each shoulder pressing a pair of 50kg dumbbells each.
eIe 2 місяці tagasi
This is crazy! I mean is this possible? lol What's the total weight you held up there?
Patricia Clarke
Patricia Clarke 2 місяці tagasi
Sometimes blurred the woman in the next stair climber, sometimes didn't lol Great stuff as usual guys, the right amount of crazy.
Meme Eu
Meme Eu 2 місяці tagasi
Ive seen this man
Jared Kruger
Jared Kruger 2 місяці tagasi
Holy fuck you're strong
asd 2 місяці tagasi
What piece of shit plates don't have a big number on the side?! How much was it?
ReederMedia 2 місяці tagasi
Those flashing lights would do my head in..
Steve Thea
Steve Thea 2 місяці tagasi
Time to change that subscribe intro
Bigdaddygarlic 2 місяці tagasi
Beast? this guys a fucking monster!
John Holland
John Holland 2 місяці tagasi
Paddy's balls on ya neck 😂🤣
Leslie 2 місяці tagasi
11:38 thumbnail
klostertorv 2 місяці tagasi
Isn't this a reupload? I feel like I have already seen this. The socks are still cute tho, Patrick
Obama Binladon
Obama Binladon 2 місяці tagasi
I hope they dont cancel the fight because thor is too scared.
Marc Rennie
Marc Rennie 2 місяці tagasi
He may be a big serious strong man but really EDDIE IS A BIG KID 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👌🏻
Z 2 місяці tagasi
Feel like Thor is getting prepped for this fight better than Eddie. Just my opinion
dbassir87 2 місяці tagasi
🤣 haha that strake stepper is probably destroyed now Sooo funny
Michael Gilland
Michael Gilland 2 місяці tagasi
Patty should know better, you don't challenge a strongman in the gym patty 😂😂😂😂
Lòriethalion Isilgor Mithredel
Lòriethalion Isilgor Mithredel 2 місяці tagasi
Hannah training vid when?
Roman Alibaba
Roman Alibaba 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie, I don't know if you're ever reading comments over here... I'm currently at 162kg,had my gallbladder surgery few months ago... starting a makeover, whenever i watch your videos,my inner me is pushing me so hard to change my body... Eddie thank you very much to be role model i guess for many people... thank you again, stay blessed Eddie 🙏😉☺️
Bo Obama
Bo Obama 2 місяці tagasi
Fuck. Dude I never had any doubt, you're the strongest.
Michael Niemeyer
Michael Niemeyer 2 місяці tagasi
Guess POSH don't want to be BEAST.
Lucrio40 2 місяці tagasi
12:40 This is what crossfitters actually believe.
Sean Fenwick
Sean Fenwick 2 місяці tagasi
Eddie, you are so lucky Paddy is so strong.. he took all the weight for you.🤣🤣 that was funny though.
Thamailmane 2 місяці tagasi
eddies face after his buddies tubesteak dragged across his head around 12:00 was fuckin ripe
Heidi Vernon
Heidi Vernon 2 місяці tagasi
Those calves 😲😳
Julius Schreck
Julius Schreck 2 місяці tagasi
They told you to shut up... Now that's my kind of gym:)
Eric Gerber
Eric Gerber 2 місяці tagasi
I love reruns!
Chad Dickens
Chad Dickens 2 місяці tagasi
Who is the Dude you train with. I feel like he is strong as shit for his weight. Trying to keep up with you all the damn time.
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