Worlds Strongest Man 2020 | Qualifiers Day 1

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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

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Team Beast

Riot God
Riot God 5 päeva tagasi
Evan singleton was known as Adam mercer in his wrestling career
Jonas Sigfridsson
Jonas Sigfridsson 7 päeva tagasi
iris scan sadistic brainprogram
BOOMER SOONER 8 päeva tagasi
So dehydrated
thomas burns
thomas burns 9 päeva tagasi
Lol at Eddie saying 25cm when it's actually 250cm hahaha a quarter of a meter ain't 25cm, huge fan of his though just thought this was funny haha
Taavi T
Taavi T 10 päeva tagasi
Why do you look like Chinese man 😆😆😂
RatRaceProducing 13 päeva tagasi
That effort on the event was crazy. That's the most commendable thing in this video 😂
Ramli Hashim
Ramli Hashim 16 päeva tagasi
The face of pain, The spirit of great determination, The physical of monster. Strongman they are.
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 22 päeva tagasi
The loving bit disconcertingly march because dock suggestively wrestle out a silky bumper. weary, pastoral typhoon
gettygarrettable 28 päeva tagasi
4:47 stewie griffin octave lower
N M Місяць tagasi
at 51:15 Luke Stoltman is labelled Luke Richardson on the video. Someone in charge of the editing of this video did an oopsie.
Jessica Burrell
Jessica Burrell Місяць tagasi
'You listening Thor? No f*****g double dipping, you p***k' 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Villatoro
Matthew Villatoro Місяць tagasi
rob you needa start workin on yo legs mane.
James Hill
James Hill Місяць tagasi
What did Eddie say, 🎵"I wanna know can you tell me" lol🤣
Antonio Vitor
Antonio Vitor Місяць tagasi
Ob seams weak close to this guys
Crystal Clear Mobile Restoration
Crystal Clear Mobile Restoration Місяць tagasi
I thank God I can fast forward the boring bits.
Keith Greenshields
Keith Greenshields Місяць tagasi
If Thor gives you a straight right or left, your done because you are a hay maker puncher. Sorry bud, your are powerful in the punches but slow in the delivery and un-guarded as you punch. You have developed into more of a street brawler then a boxer. Power is not the end Floyd vs Conner. Conner should have won right?
Barvajz Місяць tagasi
all connected by reflux : D
kingmuffins Місяць tagasi
Love to hear Luke Stoltman shouting in the background
Hersh Місяць tagasi
Why there is no footage of G. Pena?
Crosswizz Місяць tagasi
Brian must have smoked a huge bowl before arriving
beagrie1991 Місяць tagasi
I wish I'd watched this before the actual wsm its actually better content
rozzer Місяць tagasi
Mark Felix. What a guy. I remember first watching him around 2000 beating Marius pudzian in the deadlift. Been around ages and he's a nice guy if you ever get to meet him
Austin Ellison
Austin Ellison Місяць tagasi
Can’t believe Mark Felix is still competing🤯
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar Місяць tagasi
Does anyone have the numbers on how much weight those squats and deadlifts were?
NiRo276 Місяць tagasi
Damn man, you really give us the content we want! New subscriber here!
R ob
R ob Місяць tagasi
What's the secret? Are you drinking? Some secret medicine? ...
Neil Murray
Neil Murray Місяць tagasi
luke richardson? is that not Luke Stoltman? :S
repeater95 Місяць tagasi
35:50 who tf is that random
Aussie Dad Bloke
Aussie Dad Bloke Місяць tagasi
I love how although it's still very competitive, everyone is so supportive of each other.
Petar Evtimov
Petar Evtimov Місяць tagasi
hahahahahah "open your eyes Brian" :D
ZiCo Місяць tagasi
5:53 when mom asks you to bringing the groceries out the car
Elmango 956
Elmango 956 Місяць tagasi
Robert oberst got weaker
Elmango 956
Elmango 956 Місяць tagasi
How come eddie hall is not participating
Joncka Місяць tagasi
" - I bet all of the guys are a bit miffed off having a day off yesterday". Could he be more british?
Sos Denes
Sos Denes Місяць tagasi
I wonder the weight difference between WSM Caron and offseason Caron, by the looks he seems to have waaay more fat on him now from bulking for the competition than last year
David Dunn
David Dunn Місяць tagasi
My votes for Eddie Hall to commentate all the WSM competitions from now on. Somebody make it official. 👍🏼
HaywardHummus Місяць tagasi
Lmfao! did any one else think that was JayCutler at 2:48?
James Woolley
James Woolley Місяць tagasi
Eat with your mouth closed always got to make noise and make a lot of people turn the video off
ghjgvjkhj Місяць tagasi
Eddie can we get that deadlift program ?????
Kalevipoeg Місяць tagasi
FYI Eddie with an Estonian last name like Toots it's not "toots" as in "toots a horn" it's more like "toots" rhymes with "goats" ;)
Kalevipoeg Місяць tagasi
See, it's seeing you guys just having fun, lifting, and talking that's most fun in my book - not so much the whole "I can beat up Hafthor" "No, I can beat up Eddie" thing. That seems more mean-spirited.
Jeremy Jarvis
Jeremy Jarvis Місяць tagasi
Strongman is like chip dip! No double dipping.
MR. OP Місяць tagasi
Evan singleton looks like eddies long lost son
lytken Місяць tagasi
OMG that music is WAY to loud
Daniel Malek
Daniel Malek Місяць tagasi
Gosh that background music is just wayyyy too much Eddie. I really wanted to watch this, but its just too much man...
Péter Kéményes
Péter Kéményes Місяць tagasi
Am I the only one, but Brian looks sick on the videos. Now that the show is off? Was he 100% healthy? I do not think so. So much respect for pushing onwards, by the way.
Mahir Місяць tagasi
51:19 is a stoltman brother. Not luke
Cody Abell
Cody Abell Місяць tagasi
51:15 says Luke Richardson. That is Luke Stoltman
Arron M
Arron M Місяць tagasi
I miss seeing you guys together lol. Once COVID is hopefully behind us hopefully more Brian and Eddie shenanigans will happen.
Cody Abell
Cody Abell Місяць tagasi
My favorite part of this whole WSM is Luke Stoltman cheering on LITERALLY everyone. Every video I've seen of events, including the live broadcast, you can hear him in the background.
brian did dirty to eiddie xD
medvidekmisa Місяць tagasi
how in the hell is eddie legaly able to public this footage when noone else is? another british twisting of rules for eddie? this will have lot of hits...mmmmmoneyyyyyyy.
The GeekBox
The GeekBox Місяць tagasi
I think we actually saw Brian start to get a little pissed at Eddie there lol
jeee had
jeee had Місяць tagasi
I thought mark felix had been in more than 15 times. I remember watching him in events when I was still a kid. I'm still trying to gauge his mentality, whether he just enjoys the tournaments or if he actually goes with full intention of getting the title
Arry Dresden
Arry Dresden Місяць tagasi
I HAD to stop @ 5:35 and post how much I missed ANY and ALL face-to-face interaction between Brian and Eddie. Brian is trying to prepare himself for the competition and Eddie is just busting balls NON STOP. I want to say I kind of feel sorry for Brian, but honestly, it is just too too entertaining. Love Brian, Love Eddie, Love Obie... where is Nick Best to complete "The Four Horsemen"????
Kristian Norman
Kristian Norman Місяць tagasi
Why doesn't Eddie show footage of Bobby Thompson?
fodz Місяць tagasi
34:20 - Eddie your wife will have your balls mate if you arn't careful. We all know who is head of your household :D
Rushil Vekaria
Rushil Vekaria Місяць tagasi
3:03 😂😂😂😂😂
tangoengineering Місяць tagasi
Fantastic love the banter with Brian Shaw
Benjamin Robert Graham
Benjamin Robert Graham Місяць tagasi
It's always humbling to watch strongman competitors move around unfathomable weights with such ease. Geeze.
Steven Paul jobs
Steven Paul jobs Місяць tagasi
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OPTIC Місяць tagasi
My grip strength increased by just watching these events
Ghost Bear72
Ghost Bear72 Місяць tagasi
Who would win in a fight Thor or Butterbean?
Dooman 909
Dooman 909 Місяць tagasi
Cool intro
Tyler Leis
Tyler Leis Місяць tagasi
Thanks for these Eddie!! Its a fricking shame that the videos aren't more accessible, so this is a huge deal. Made my day!
Jacob Kujawski
Jacob Kujawski Місяць tagasi
crazy to see people competing in strongman competitions in their 50s.
Omnihil777 Місяць tagasi
Eddie Hall is the best commentator on the WSM floor hands down imo.
Norn Iron Niall
Norn Iron Niall Місяць tagasi
420,. That IS a good figure man!
Norn Iron Niall
Norn Iron Niall Місяць tagasi
Stoltman is gonna look at his shit events and beast himself over the next year!
Bwx Bwx
Bwx Bwx Місяць tagasi
I love how you can always hear Luke Stoltman cheering everyone on he is just a class sportsman and how he turns into luke Richardson on the deadlift is amazing :p
CushdelaCush Місяць tagasi
Seems like theres a lot of good Comradery within the event given the seriousness of it all, and its obvioous these guys have so much respect for The Beast too, great to see.
Jim Whiteford
Jim Whiteford Місяць tagasi
Evan and Eddie squished on a 4 man couch there.
Manu Jim
Manu Jim Місяць tagasi
Robert Koch!
Robert Koch! Місяць tagasi
What gives? I never saw Brian Shaw compete?
Shane Wyatt
Shane Wyatt Місяць tagasi
I feel like I got more from watching Eddie’s version of this competition than I did from watching the real one on tv. Thank you for that Eddie.
Alex Smollen
Alex Smollen Місяць tagasi
I guess this is how I'm watching WSM this year. Thnx Eddie :)
Noobboy117 Місяць tagasi
Whats the weight on those barbells?
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez Місяць tagasi
This one took a while to make. good job
The Sir
The Sir Місяць tagasi
53:33 onwards - in tears, xD.
ken tuckeyfriedchicken
ken tuckeyfriedchicken Місяць tagasi
love these events real man sport have people yelling at the screen come on one more rep come on them sitting on a sofa like I couldn't even lift 20 kg these guys lifting 350 kg upwards or around 700 lbs probably under estimating here just saying if you'd faint by just looking at it sit down in the back these men would crush you like you ball up a piece of paper before throwing it in the trash you're an insect lol
786philb Місяць tagasi
Brain knows Eddies tricks now and no longer getting caught off guard. Eddie seems kinda humbled. LOL Love them both. Great sportsmen who help everyone.
John T
John T Місяць tagasi
is it just me that dosent like Brian shaw ? i dont get this gentle giant universally loved persona ....hes a passive aggressive jerk who throws his size around in a definite domineering manner ,even on videos of people just eating with him is just a chance for him to try and assert dominance ,I honestly think hes a prick
1DEADBEEF1 Місяць tagasi
Ive been watching JF Caron for years but never heard him talk - seems like a real cool, humble down to earth guy
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Місяць tagasi
The placid control neurally thank because potato conversantly screw along a lonely spike. used, dreary pet
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family Місяць tagasi
Brian and Eddie need to get their own TV show even if it does not involve weights. It will be a hit
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family Місяць tagasi
After seeing Brian at the shaw classic I def think he can still get his fifth tittle. Won’t be easy that’s for sure
A.M.A.N Місяць tagasi
thats what we like to see!!!!! also happy new year everyone
Paco Side
Paco Side Місяць tagasi
Maxime Boo-Drow, that's how you'd pronounce that!
SaintMarneusCalgar Місяць tagasi
i dont know why but this russian guy with the barret is so freacking cool :D
UK RPGFan Місяць tagasi
They should have audiences for events like these. I reckon they would be popular, think they would bring in thousands of ppl.
Tim Ousted
Tim Ousted Місяць tagasi
51:11 is Luke Stoltman NOT Richardson :) Even says so on his short AND socks too!! :)
BuyLow SellHigh
BuyLow SellHigh Місяць tagasi
the light weight of the logs is why people are calling WSM just another crossfit event. it was cardio to these athletes.
Fukthesystem Місяць tagasi
Best thing bout video is camera lady lol
Fukthesystem Місяць tagasi
best coverage of all events
Connor Willmore
Connor Willmore Місяць tagasi
Eddie and Brian just equal good content.
Fukthesystem Місяць tagasi
The hall an shaw show
Simon B
Simon B Місяць tagasi
size of gav's belly lol what a unit
Dennis Gray
Dennis Gray Місяць tagasi
Eddie hall's head is longer than oberst sometimes it actually looks bigger
andre1mollosovich Місяць tagasi
Better than Channel 5
ishi zira
ishi zira Місяць tagasi
Brian Shaw + Nick Best = 4:55
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